Picking up on where we left off on Teiliard De Chardin as one of the main Philosophers in the new school of thought brought to bear in Vatican II in our post

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Background follows with the current tragedy unfolding below it  in live links

Pope Benedict seen by many as a traditional orthodox Catholic Pope was not always so- Anyone who has read his works from an early Bishop and followed the spectrum of his deeper conversion to orthodoxy in his late years as Cardinal and then as Pope knows that his story was very similar to that of Paul VI – Both started off as choices of Churchmen favoring liberal progressive reform and were loyal to same for only a period of time while in Office and then came to the stark realization that the damage done and the damage being done by this course was an auto-demolition that had to be stopped. Between the 1st Session and the 4th Session of Vatican II, for anyone who has read the proceedings and books on same from Bishops and Priests that were there, on both sides of the dogmatic and philosophical schools in the battle for the heart and soul of the Church knows that Paul VI spent the majority of the 4th session trying to undo the damage he had initiated and begin drafting and instituting more ‘regularized’ Catholic teachings – as seen for example – among others – the works of Vatican II on the Blessed Mother – Although they stopped short of declaring her previously defined Mediatrix of All Graces an ‘official’ dogma  – that were from the previous Council to the 1950s completely headed in that Mariological direction – It was all was due to his conviction, in total agreement with the then minority of the conservative orthodox College of Cardinals that only She could redirect the rudder of the high speed ship that Vatican II had begun – And I would point out that they only became the minority – the Holy Ghost Fathers and the others among the conservative party at the Council when after the 1st session the progressive minority came to John the XXIII in a panic saying that nothing will change unless you change all the members of the Council – In previous centuries changing the members of a Council required 2 /3 rds vote – John XXIII passed a moto proprio saying that the Pope was the head of the Church and had complete control and say over who should sit as a voting member of Council – He then removed the majority of the traditional conservative Cardinals and when the 2nd session resumed a new liberal 2 /3 rds voting majority had been put into place

Once achieved majority he then renounced his self declared – and repudiated the Vatican I teachings of ultramontanism – the very power that enabled him to declare the ancient rules as obsolete using the Vatican I power of ultramontansim Cujus regio, ejus religio. Among the Catholic governments and peoples there gradually developed an analogous tendency to regard the papacy as a foreign power;

Here it is by definition in the Catholic Encyclopedia


And all these countries ‘Utrect’ of the Old Catholic Church churches that broke away at Vatican I in 1870 and formed cross countries Synods which were declared illegal at Vatican I were in fact latter brought into Communion with the Anglican Church and the “democratic model of Synods” and the increasing power that should be afforded to them, was interestingly enough revised at Vatican II and will be visited again it appears – in the Papal Encyclical on the Synod due out this weekend to which the traditional Catholic world is bracing themselves for the worst- It was then declared that Synodality would only be used as excuse for abolishment of Priestly celibacy and women in the liturgy and within several decades of the institution of the “old catholic churches” in 1870 that is exactly what happened – just as documented at Vatican I during the attempt to create a Catholic Ecclesial democracy out of the Catholic Church

From the documented work of teaching of Benedict XVI as a Cardinal and as  seen here in his The New Evangelization – Building the Civilization of Love below, we we see his attempt to be a theological bridge builder between the two where no previous bridge has existed not many think can exist since the rupture and revolution in the Church began

Everyone knows that the dogmatic theology and philosophy of Pope Benedict XVI drastically differs from that of Pope Francis the 1stOur current Pope believes that the revamped new evangelization should target the masses of people that have distanced themselves from the Church by using new and liberally reformed methods

You will see here below that the Pope Emeritus  contradicts this teaching in his teaching,  word for word

“New evangelization cannot mean: immediately attracting the large masses that have distanced themselves from the Church by using new and more refined methods. No—this is not what new evangelization promises.” !!!

Then we have his teaching on the Teilhard philosophies which he, even by way of this document acknowledges are firmly in place as the reigning philosophy beneath all conciliar and post conciliar Catholic theology and thought

Replaced as in the former Aquinas philosophic and scholastic primacies along with several other supplanted philosophies such Pyrrhonism and the abrogation of natural law

Although Benedict XVI Emeritus agrees that Telihard’s ‘evolution theory’ ideas displacing covenantal theology’s paradigm’s on the 1st Covenant between God and man must be put aside,  he also firmly states and reveals his colors and loyalties when he states “His law (Teilhard’s) on invisible origins does say a truth”  parenthesis mine That right there even from our illustrious Cardinal of the day, at that time, is completely heterodox

Here with the synopsis below

“The Kingdom of God always starts anew under this sign. New evangelization cannot mean: immediately attracting the large masses that have distanced themselves from the Church by using new and more refined methods. No—this is not what new evangelization promises.
New evangelization means: never being satisfied with the fact that from the grain of mustard seed, the great tree of the Universal Church grew; never thinking that the fact that different birds may find place among its branches can suffice—rather, it means to dare, once again and with the humility of the small grain, to leave up to God the when and how it will grow (Mark 4:26-29).

Large things always begin from the small seed, and the mass movements are always ephemeral. In his vision of the evolutionary process, Teilhard de Chardin mentions the “white of the origins” (le blanc des origines): The beginning of a new species is invisible and cannot be found by scientific research. The sources are hidden—they are too small. In other words: The large realities begin in humility.

Let us put to one side whether Teilhard is right in his evolutionary theories; the law on invisible origins does say a truth—a truth present in the very actions of God in history: “The Lord did not set his affection on you and choose you because you were more numerous than other peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples. But it was because the Lord loved you.” God says [this] to the People of Israel in the Old Testament and thus expresses the fundamental paradox of the history of salvation: certainly, God does not count in large numbers; exterior power is not the sign of his presence.”

   When confronted about the contradictions of the previous proclamations of many a previous Pope of these teachings Benedict XVI does not deny that they were previously condemned teachings, as the current Pope does, but he instead applies modern contemporary philosophy of anthropological application of what it means to me in my day as a person being something different than what it meant to the people of their day as a person in that time of history

Laughing as in ridiculous – That is an equally modernist assertion that violates just about all of the collected body of philosophy of the eternal magisterium of the Church

As seen below he quotes the liberalist theologian JP Metz as an authority and says the teachings of the preconciliar Popes are now obsolete and man can only apply to himself to the times of man today


“A personage such as Johann Baptist Metz said, for example, that the Church’s anti-Modernist decisions render the great service of preserving her from falling into the liberal-bourgeois world. But in the details of the determinations they contain, they became obsolete after having fulfilled their pastoral mission at their proper time.”

This, as we all realize now, gave free reign to the Church leaders Priests and theologians to full explore and implement Catholic modernism at the Parish level

Therefore when many theologians – priests and lay people say the problem was not Vatican II itself but it was the implementation of the “Spirit of Vatican II” that differed – That can easily be ’roundly mocked’ and debunked by the evidence of the Council proceedings – the teachings, the books of their periti and theologians right before and during the Council

For the rest of it the art of purposeful ambiguity and plurality when a particular modernism was not ready (in their view to be defined ) but the structural outline created to fill in the details of same as designed – It’s a less than forthcoming position to say otherwise

It’s also worth a look at
Pyrrhonism (the school of philosophical skepticism and the abolishment of disciplines of absolute Truth)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrrhonism               and



Anyone who does not believe that these teachings made their way into Vatican II documents via the natural law as taboo have never read the works of some of the main Cardinals and their Philosophers such as Cardinal Suenens –David Hume – Immanuel Kant – and the Henry Dumerys of the world that gutted the present Church

Dumery in books


These philosophies were so radically opposed to Thomas Aquinas and Aristotlean Philosophy that these time honored cornerstones of the Church had to be suppressed at Vatican II in order to mask the more blatantly overt contradictions


A resistance movement brews steadily forward, illustrating that licit Faithful Catholics resistance movement to this Papacy and the USCB is not new ground for Faithful Catholics but a method the Saints and orthodox Catholic Cardinals and Bishops undertook in many a century

Not on the Bishops and Cardinals buddy buddy side anymore even the B. Donahue joins the resistance movement

The Catholic League Abandons The Controversial Ultra Liberal Cardinal of NY – ‘Bill Donahue Can’t Stomach Cardinal’s Degenerate Parade’


Pope Benedict Breaks Silence and Affirms the Thrice Defined, Infallible Dogma, No Salvation Outside of the Catholic Church


Conversion and Missions are Necessary and Licit says the Pope Emeritus despite the many things the current Pope has stated on the subject

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Vatican liturgy chief: The Prefect Of Congregation of Divine Worship the 3rd Highest Ranking Position Beneath the Pope Corrected the Pope’s Liberalizing Allowance

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This further backs up Bishop Schneider told Rorate Caeli last month that allowing the “foot washing of women along with the men not only distracts from the main focus on Eucharist and on Priesthood, but generates confusion regarding the historical symbolism of the ‘twelve’ and of the apostles being of male sex.”

The Pope had no retort to their encouragement of other Dicastry leaders to be of courageous resistance to his shocking liberalisms in the distortion of infallibly declared Liturgy and it remains expressly prohibited in the old Rite


Post-Synodal Exhortation Expected This Saint Joseph Saturday – Ghost Writer Exposed – Moral Theologians In Fear Of The Contents Of The Circulated Draft- On OnePeterFive


We all know that what comes out of the Church tomorrow in the Synodal Papal wrap up document designed to distract the Faithful from coming together in solemn unity of Holy week is meant to open the gates to a progressive liberal reform movement of the Roman Catholic Church – Remember that there is such a thing as false obedience to a Pope and to Bishops – Charles Borromeo taught about it extensively as did the Doctor Saint of our Church Thomas Aquinas

Lock Shields and hold – just as in this Gladiator movie trailer  “ Whatever comes out of these gates…. our only chance of survival is If we stay together – If we stay together we survive” ~see video clip below~


Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus


Saint Joseph pray for us

Oh Saint Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the Throne of God, I place in you all my interests and desires.

Oh Saint Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession and obtain for me from your Divine Son, all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ, Our Lord, so that having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of fathers.

Oh Saint Joseph, I never weary of contemplating you and Jesus asleep in your arms. I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press Him in my name and kiss His fine head for me, and ask Him to return the kiss when I draw my dying breath.

Saint Joseph, Patron of the departing souls, pray for us. Amen.

Saint Joseph