The Ancient Order of Hibernians was established in post of the protestant reformation in order to retain the traditional catholic teachings and culture amidst the persecutions of the english protestant government and the constant attempt to secularize their people back to the ways of the immoral paganism

Traditionally and historically one of the strictest from among the 2nd and 3rd Orders prior to it’s infiltration by the current Cardinal in 2015 This Catholic Society has an interesting history of it’s continuity and defense of Traditional Catholicism into NYC from

Rory Oge O’Moore (1565AD) of County Kildaire , who should rightly have been beatified , unto this very day

Particularly a defense against persecution from upholding Sacred Tradition – forced adoption of elements of the heretical religions – and the full scale attack against Catholic property and business owners – which we see today in De Ja Vu fashion as history repeats itself – This societal order – even throughout the past century had it’s traditional elite Catholic families assist in protecting families – friends and associates of the order from the abuses of the coming of the new US Catholic Church into traditional Roman Catholicism

“The Ancient Order of Hibernians of the Board of Erin” authorization of a fortress of establishment in NY City 1836

Brothers, Greeting: Be it known that to you and to all whom it may concern that we send to our few brothers in New York full instructions with our authority to establish branches of our society in America. The qualifications for membership must be as follows: All the members must be good Catholics, and Irish or of Irish descent, and of good and moral character, and none of your members shall join any secret societies contrary to the laws of the Catholic Church, and all times and at all places your motto shall be: ‘Friendship, Unity, and True Christian Charity‘ * * *.

All from the Catholic Encyclopedia

Saint Patrick

Apostle of Ireland, born at Kilpatrick, near Dumbarton, in Scotland, in the year 387; died at Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland, 17 March, 493. Some sources say 460 or 461. —Ed.

He had for his parents Calphurnius and Conchessa. The former belonged to a Roman family of high rank and held the office of decurio in Gaul or Britain. Conchessa was a near relative of the great patron of Gaul, St. Martin of Tours. Kilpatrick still retains many memorials of Saint Patrick, and frequent pilgrimages continued far into the Middle Ages to perpetuate there the fame of his sanctity and miracles.

In his sixteenth year, Patrick was carried off into captivity by Irish marauders and was sold as a slave to a chieftan named Milchu in Dalriada, a territory of the present county of Antrim in Ireland, where for six years he tended his master’s flocks in the valley of the Braid and on the slopes of Slemish, near the modern town of Ballymena. He relates in his “Confessio” that during his captivity while tending the flocks he prayed many times in the day: “the love of God“, he added,

and His fear increased in me more and more, and the faith grew in me, and the spirit was roused, so that, in a single day, I have said as many as a hundred prayers, and in the night nearly the same, so that whilst in the woods and on the mountain, even before the dawn, I was roused to prayer and felt no hurt from it, whether there was snow or ice or rain; nor was there any slothfulness in me, such as I see now, because the spirit was then fervent within me.

In the ways of a benign Providence the six years of Patrick’s captivity became a remote preparation for his future apostolate. He acquired a perfect knowledge of the Celtic tongue in which he would one day announce the glad tidings of Redemption, and, as his master Milchu was a druidical high priest, he became familiar with all the details of Druidism from whose bondage he was destined to liberate the Irish race.

Admonished by an angel he after six years fled from his cruel master and bent his steps towards the west. He relates in his “Confessio” that he had to travel about 200 miles; and his journey was probably towards Killala Bay and onwards thence to Westport. He found a ship ready to set sail………………………

Traditional Music instrument of Ireland .. the Ulieann Pipes had a history of being outlawed “for communicating the old religion’ (Catholicism)- Also played at the grave with the Office of the Dead at the anniversary of a loved one’s passing & at funeral – In keeping with the protestant military’s claim that “When the Catholics are coming – you will hear them before you see them “

Here is a sampling of some it’s highlights

Institute of Musical Traditions – Cillian & Niall Vallely

Lark In The Morning

Old Bush – Vallely Brothers & Tiarnan O Duinnchinn

Cillian Vallely (Lunasa) – Uilleann Pipes Accompanied by Guitar

Traditional Irish Catholic music sources

The Stilly Night is the quintessential Irish funeral air / lament – with the reading of the traditional literary giant James Joyce in the air

Thomas Moore.

Oft, in the stilly night,
Ere Slumber’s chain has bound me,
Fond Memory brings the light
Of other days around me;
The smiles, the tears,
Of boyhood’s years,
The words of love then spoken;
The eyes that shone,
Now dimm’d and gone,
The cheerful hearts now broken!
Thus, in the stilly night,
Ere Slumber’s chain hath bound me,
Sad Memory brings the light
Of other days around me.

When I remember all
The friends, so link’d together,
I’ve seen around me fall
Like leaves in wintry weather;
I feel like one,
Who treads alone
Some banquet-hall deserted,
Whose lights are fled,
Whose garlands dead,
And all but he departed!
Thus, in the stilly night,
Ere Slumber’s chain hath bound me,
Sad Memory brings the light
Of other days around me.

But of course not without controversy on this day nor a any denial of the crisis within our Holy Roman Catholic Church today

Pro-Life Groups Banned From St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Gay Rights Groups Welcomed |

Links to these beautiful organizations below


Children First Foundation, and


Personhood Education New York,

Both were stopped from Marching up 5th Avenue and participating in the 255th Irish Catholic event to which up to a three quarters of a million people routinely turn out for throughout the course of the day while pro-homosexual apostolates were permitted to march in the “March March” behind the cross and trinitarian shamrock

This is not completely surprising that it is with the approval of Cardinal Dolan who’s leadership is being questioned and given that the Diocesan wide investigation gets underway about an alleged Lavender Mafia among the Diocese’s priests that involve homosexual cross organization ties and financial corruption all the way up through the Chancery office and which has hit the Irish airwaves via Declan O’Byrne live news simulcast from Ireland into WFUV’s (90.7 FM) Sunday schedule of traditional Irish music program – The longest running traditional music program stll extant in the United States and also available via the web- app and podcasts

May our lady of Knock intercede for the Cardinal and may God have mercy on his soul

Traditional hymn-  Golden Rose –the Queen of Ireland

Our Lady of Knock

Dia is Muire Dhuit