A Catholic Cardinal – An Honorary Masonic Lodge Master Speaks


In keeping with the full human egalitarianism and ecumenism with freemasonic ideals The Official Vatican newspaper publishes arguments (in multiple articles ) for allowing women to preach at Mass : News Headlines | Catholic


In an interview with English Journalist Daniel Blackman Bishop Athanasius Schneider: States Many Catholic Bishops Are freemasons Faithful Catholics Must Become Ready to Be Martyrs for Christ

http://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/bp.-athanasius-schneider-sounds-off-on-zika-virus-muslim-threat-and-orthodo                                                                                                                                     Daniel Blackman: The Church has a long history, over a number of centuries, of denouncing freemasonry. However, the new code of canon law has removed any reference to masonry, and we no longer see documents or hear anything from Church leaders about this. It can give the impression masonry is no longer a danger. The Masonic lodges have also warmly welcomed Pope Francis.

Bp. Schneider: Freemasonry is in itself intrinsically not compatible with Christian or Catholic faith; it is intrinsically not compatible because the nature of freemasonry is anti-Christian. They deny Christ, and they deny the objective truths; they promote relativism, which is contrary to the truth, to the Gospel. So they promote the doctrinal errors of the Masonic philosophy. This is incompatible with Christian and Catholic faith.

Freemasonry has also an esoteric aspect, which is not Christian. They have rituals and ceremonies which are esoteric, which they openly admit, and such ceremonials are contrary to the Faith. Their symbols and rituals demonstrate that they are against the divine truths in the Gospel. These things show that freemasonry is another religion. I repeat, freemasonry is another religion; it is an anti-Christ religion.

Even when they do good works, philanthropy and so forth, these dangerous things remain. Their philanthropy is not a justification that we can accept freemasonry just because of their good philanthropic work. I will never recognize their doctrines and rituals which are against the divine truths of the Gospel. The Church can never accept this. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s 1983 declaration on freemasonry is still valid. According to this declaration it is a mortal sin to become a freemason — even Pope Francis has not changed this law. This teaching is official and still valid.

Daniel Blackman: Masonic websites and publications regularly speak favorably about Pope Francis. Recently, why do they welcome Pope Francis?

Bp. Schneider: Well, they have to tell us, concretely. It is not a clear sign what they want to do with their affirmations, what their intentions are.

Daniel Blackman: In 2013 on his return flight from Rio de Janeiro, Pope Francis made reference to a masonic lobby. Recently, Cardinal Ravasi, in the Italian paper Il Sole 24 Ore, called for new dialogue and shared values with freemasonry. Has masonry won in the Church?

Bp. Schneider: Of course we know that freemasonry is one of the most powerful influences at all levels of human society. This is manifest and clear. Theoretically, when one is a supporter, a leader in a very influential anti-Christian organization, there is the tendency to infiltrate the organization which is your enemy; it is very logical. So it is logical, over many centuries, that they would have tried and probably succeeded to infiltrate themselves into various levels of the Church — this is clear to me.

It is difficult to demonstrate concretely, to identify who is a member. It is very difficult and dangerous, because someone may be accused of being a member, then it is proved the person is not a formally a member. It’s because of the secrecy and esotericism of freemasonry that makes it very difficult.

One can assume that a cleric, a priest, bishop or cardinal has some connections with the masons by his speech. We hear clerics speaking like freemasons, clearly; when they open their mouths, they use terms and concepts that are typically masonic. He could be a member, but you have to prove it, but at least when he speaks he has the spirit of the freemason[ry]; maybe he is not a formal member, but some bishops and cardinals speak clearly with a masonic spirit. I stress this does not mean they are formally members of the freemasons.


 Daniel Blackman: Asks

A recent document from the Commission for Interreligious Relations with the Jews says the Church has no formal, organized mission to convert the Jews (para. 40–49). Is that now true? Is this a correction of previous teaching and practice? (Infallibly Declared at the Council of Trent and Vatican I)

Bp. Schneider: 

This is truly wrong. It contradicts the words of Our Lord who said “Go and teach all people.” He did not say “All people except the Jewish people.” He said all nations — and “baptize them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Jesus said that “If you don’t believe in Me you won’t have life.” He told this to the Jews also, and He continues to say this to the Jews of our days. They, too, need to be obedient to God’s covenant which Jesus instituted. Therefore, the Apostles preached to the Jews in the synagogue. For 2,000 years the Church has always prayed for the conversion of the Jews. This is an act of mercy and love. The Church invites and encourages the Jews to come to Christ. There were converts, even saints who were Jewish converts. Alphonse Ratisbonne founded a religious congregation to evangelisz the Jewish people.

Daniel Blackman: 

This document has come from within the Church, from an official body in the Vatican. How is it possible?

Bp. Schneider: 

This is very sad. This document has no infallible value and has no intention of being infallible. It is not an authentic expression of the Magisterium. There were in the history of the Church some documents of a pastoral character that had a temporal nature and contained errors, and this document contains errors. What is not infallible can be erroneous. I repeat, the Church has always taught only those statements which are taught ex cathedra or taught by the Universal Magisterium — Pope and bishops teaching for a long time, many centuries. The mentioned document, however, contains a new doctrine, an opinion, a theory.


Grand Orient

False Obedience Is A Mortal Sin

Catholic Modernism has led it’s people into the desert of false obedience – and into our era “The age of apostasy” as predicted by all the preconciliar Popes in multiple encyclicals


The First Demotic Pope Scandalizes the Little Ones

Demotic = Derived from the Greek root demos, meaning “the people,” demotic is a rich word that denotes or connotes all of the following: common, vulgar, popular, colloquial, the language of ordinary people, demagogic.


The Sins Of Advocating For Contraception By The US Bishops Via A Generation Of Total Silence |The Pill Kills | Video On The Vortex


Back At The Roman Catholic Church The Prefect Of The CDW ( The Congregation for Divine Worship published a binding instruction, “Redemptionis Sacramentum,” regulating the rubrics at Mass. Paragraph 92 instructs that “each of the faithful always has the right to receive Holy Communion on the tongue and kneeling Cdl. Francis Arinze, also a prefect emeritus of the CDW, speaking on this very topic, relates, “Some people, they insist you must receive on the hand. No priest has the right to demand that, and even no bishop has the right to demand you must receive on the hand. No. No. The faithful remain free to receive on the tongue.”

Here is the CDF saying so on video – There is also additional video of Cardinals discussing how Communion in the hand began as a liturgical abuse initially condemned and then was allowed by exceptions – Making it a bilateral accepted norm in the US Catholic Church is officially a Liturgical abuse according to the Roman Catholic Church


A Masonic Apostasy Unfolds…

USCCB Declaration on the Way’ Are Catholics and Lutherans part of the same Church?

On the way to……….


The False Teaching Documents Produced by the Lutheran-Catholic Dialogue in the United States By The USCCB


Confirmation that the teachings are false are found in the Lutherans recently published official document declaring what they believe they mean including the doctrines within the Catholic Church that they will continue to influence towards changing them from WITHIN the Church

The Lutheran Statement On The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification

The bottom line in summary is – The Lutherans have stated to their people essentially, “We will enter into Communion with Catholic Church wherever possible and we will from inside (the way the Masons have) publicly prove our Justification By Faith Doctrine”

https://ecumenism.net/archive/docu/1999_lwf_pcpcu_joint_declaration_on_justification.htm \

Also here in their own words from the Inter-Lutheran – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


  • 5. The Significance and Scope of the Consensus Reached (By The Lutherans)
  • The understanding of the doctrine of justification set forth in this Declaration shows that a consensus in basic truths of the doctrine of justification exists between Lutherans and Catholics. In light of this consensus the remaining differences of language, theological elaboration, and emphasis in the understanding of justification described in paras. 18 to 39 are acceptable. Therefore the Lutheran and the Catholic explications of justification are in their difference open to one another and do not destroy the consensus regarding basic truths.
  • Thus the doctrinal condemnations of the 16th century, in so far as they relate to the doctrine of justification, appear in a new light: The teaching of the Lutheran churches presented in this Declaration does not fall under the condemnations from the Council of Trent. The condemnations in the Lutheran Confessions do not apply to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church presented in this Declaration.
  • Nothing is thereby taken away from the seriousness of the condemnations related to the doctrine of justification. Some were not simply pointless. They remain for us “salutary warnings” to which we must attend in our teaching and practice.21
  • Our consensus in basic truths of the doctrine of justification must come to influence the life and teachings of our churches. Here it must prove itself. In this respect, there are still questions of varying importance which need further clarification. These include, among other topics, the relationship between the Word of God and church doctrine, as well as ecclesiology, authority in the church, ministry, the sacraments, and the relation between justification and social ethics. We are convinced that the consensus we have reached offers a solid basis for this clarification. The Lutheran churches and the Roman Catholic Church will continue to strive together to deepen this common understanding of justification and to make it bear fruit in the life and teaching of the churches.
  • We give thanks to the Lord for this decisive step forward on the way to overcoming the division of the church. We ask the Holy Spirit to lead us further toward that visible unity which is Christ’s will.

By the way ……..- additionally

This is only ONE Lutheran conglomeration of Churches the US Catholic Church has created this teaching with  – There are three such different Lutheran federations in the US – not in Communion with one another and in disagreement with this particular Lutheran body that is both pro-sodomite marriage and pro-abortion.


The Age of Apostasy runs deep my friends

When people discover for themselves how deep the corruption and apostasy goes – most new Church Catholics switch into auto-denial mode and hide their heads from the truth rather than call upon the Queen of All Hearts for courage to proclaim the Truth even in the face of death – martyrdom and persecution by our own

Scripture said that Satan would turn every Truth upside down and make it appear right and the right appear wrong – If we are not witnessing that in this day and Catholics running to support the side of error in dogma – doctrine – Scripture interpretations – Catholic social teaching and elections then we are indeed in denial by majority as a Church

The Ostrich Hiding His Head – The Parishioners Of The Neo- Catholic Church That Are In Denial And Refuse To Be Courageous And Confront Error Head On As Commanded By The Gospel Of Jesus Christ  

Ostrich Hiding Head

The Embracing Of The Crucifixion And Our Lady At The Foot Of The Cross

Is Being Rejected As An Enmasse Apostosy Has Begun 

The Embracing Of The Crucifixtion And Our Lady At The Foot Of The Cross