A Traditional Rite Mass community arises In Roslyn – (Long Island) NY

A beautiful photo-post on the Parish’s return to their first Candlemas in 50 years – What a restoration story !


Brooklyn’s Our Lady of Peace begins

Traditional Rite Mass is now every Sunday at 9:30am

Their communities re-building is on Carrol Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues -& accessible – (not far)  from the Subway system

See their TLM community page and announcements on renovations detouring Holy Mass for this past Sunday over to the old Cathedral of Saint James –the one that St John Paul II once spoke at (near the Brooklyn Bridge)

They also have an event for this upcoming Saturday March 12th, 2016

  • 12:00  Learning about the Traditional Latin Mass and
  • 1:00   Missa Cantata with Gregorian Chant


Catholic Philosophy Class via Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Baltimore Catechism continues tonight as taught by Father John Perricone in it’s bi-monthly Monday nights in the adjacent Parish Center building of Saint Anthony of Padua, Jersey City – The class is a free will offering and all are invited to attend

Please see the flyer for the full schedule below

Catholic Philosophy & Theology Class With Father John Perricone_03

Today’s Traditional Calendar retains the date of March 7th for this the Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas

The West Orange Oratory of the Institute of Christ the King at Saint Anthony of Padua will offer ,this evening, a Solemn 1st Class Mass for the Patron of The Institute at 7pm at Saint Anthony of Padua

With much to be enthused about with the Archdiocese having deeded the burned Church of the Shrine Of Christ the King to ICKP for it’s expressed intentions of restoring both it and the Traditional Rite to Chicago

Link to the pdf found here


The Annual Irish Heritage Concert is this Thursday night,03/10/16 in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral at 7:00pm – The concert is a freewill offering –See the link below for more details


Sample of Traditional Irish Uileann Pipes (elbow pipes) that for several eras were outlawed in British occupied northern Ireland and parts of Scotland, accused and ruled as a method of communicating “the old religion” Catholicism

They were traditionally played in the Liturgy of the Dead office at the grave, on candle processions on the anniversary of a loved one’s passing or that of a prominent citizen of the community – In traditional family gatherings, Church socials and dances they were most often accompanied by fiddle and bare flute


For this Saturday evening March 12th

Professor Francesca Murphy is giving a talk entitled Beauty and the Spiritual Senses as part of the series offered by the Catholic Artists Society at the Catholic Center for Arts At NYU in Manhattan at 7:00pm

CAS Lecture Series 03-12-16

Also for this Saturday March 12th and Sunday March 13th Bach’s Classic Orchestral For Lent – Saint John’s Passion will be presented in all of its sin and drama – its penance and repentance in a very old historic national landmark protestant (church) assembly hall nearest Wall Street and Broadway

Trinity Wall Street – (Historic Chapel St Paul’s) Bach’s, Saint John Passion

Saturday March 12, 2016 8:00pm-10:00pm

Sunday March 13, 2016 3:00pm- 5:00pm

Production by Apollo’s Fire /Music by Cleveland’s Baroque Orchestra (paid event//tickets required)

A preview of the type of traditional Lenten music and translation program of Bach that is to be presented this upcoming Saturday evening can be found here on You Tube of similar


At Holy Innocents NYC

Gorgeous photoposts from this past Laetare Sunday events

The full Holy Week calendar of Masses and special services is forth coming with Passion Sunday the Sunday before Palm Sunday this March 13th

There will be Offices of Tenabrae during Holy Week As last year’s Good Friday – Liturgical Office of the Passion and the Veneration of the Cross at communion rail began at 3:00pm and  saw a standing room only opening up to the old balconies This year’s Office service will again be at 3:00pm this year -(Good Friday at HI will also have the Four Last Things at 12pm )

The Sesquicentennial Church of the Holy Innocents – Photographs


Queen Of Peace – Maywood NJ

The Bergen Latin Mass Community goes every Sunday at 2:30pm !

TLM Low Mass in the impeccable Regina Pacis Chapel on the grounds of the Q of P complex in the Parish’s external building is now every Sunday

And High Mass in the main OLQP Church, Maywood
Every 3rd Wednesday Evening. See Calendar for Times.(7:00pm/7:30pm)https://bergenlatinmass.wordpress.com/

They also have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1545765145699025/

With the following additional Bergen TLM announcements and local area traditional Catholic building –up of of communities

Every 4th Sunday High Mass at Sacred Heart Church, Clifton at 2 PM.

Also Harrington Park’s Our Lady of Victories Church is permitted a TLM every Sunday – 8:15 AM

Traditional Feast of Saint Joseph Saturday March 19th with Msgr Joseph Ambrosio at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Oliver Street in the ironbound section of Newark, NJ  at 12pm

See color flyer on the link for more details below

and/or at Holy Innocents that same Saturday 03/19/16 at NYC at 1:00pm

Feast Of Saint Joseph Traditional Mass

Saint Anthony Of Padua – Jersey City will also offer this Mass at 12pm in the Extraordinary Form Saturday 03/19/16 

6th Street and Montgomery = short walk from PATH and/or Light rail

In Holy Week on 03/23/19 Saint Anthony Of Padua, Jersey City  will offer the classic Spy Wednesday (This Tenabrae is also known as the Office of Shadows) which concludes to the extinguishment of the last psalm  and candle – the slamming of the tomb – and the exiting of the Church in silence as the Triduum overtakes the night

See flyer  on the link below

Tenebrae (Notice for Roman Missals)


The full Liturgical Calendar of the Saint Anthony of Padua Latin Mass Community in JCNJ for Holy Week and beyond can be found here

Saint Anthony’s Latin Mass Community ( Liturgical Schedule March – July 2016)

Beautiful 2nd Photopost of the Eastern Catholic ( Greek – Ukranian) Rite Offered In Rome


Article of Interest – Saint Thomas

Response to Letter

On “Pinpointing” The Moment Of Consecration: According To St. Thomas Aquinas


Regina Pacis Chapel Bergen Latin Mass


The Second Sunday in Lent (February 21, 2016) at the Church of the Holy Innocents, NYC.

Revelation 12 Coming To Life In Our Lifetime

Our Lady_Crushes Serpent