Hungarian Pilgrimage to the Church of Our Lady of Csikshomlyo –

A Catholic old school pilgrimage with a Franciscan Marian history dating from the mid-1300s AD just saw a variety of over 250,000 slavic citizens participate in Hungry

Never were devotionals to the Queen of All Hearts like this needed in salvation history as much as these times of ours

From the Kolbean pages of our MI (Militia of the Immaculate)

Even Our Spiritual Progress Must Belong To The Immaculate _FFIs_Fr_Sasko

The Truth About Mary_Franciscan Marian Theology By Saint Maximilian Kolbe – A chapter from the heart of his writings on the approved theologies of Our Lady and the prayers for a solidarity for the new coming new dogmatic announcement

The Truth About Mary_Franciscan Marian Theology By ST. M. Kolbe

Fear not, for the crystal clear Truths of authentic Catholicism will live on long after the revolution within the Church has ended.

As one of the prophesies of a Catholic Church approved apparition of our Queen , the Mother of God , has stated  herself – “A  time comes where nations will become annihilated”


A time of what Saint John of Avila calls, ‘A dark night of the soul’ cometh to the people of the new Covenant”