Sacred Tradition is expounded upon herein with stark contrast against “modernism”

This upcoming Laetere Sunday

Rose colored vestments unite the Passion of Christ with the Sorrowful Mother of God at the foot of the Cross

She too was foretold here in the

Song of Solomon – 2:1  ‘I am the flower of the field, and the lily of the valleys.’

Also for this upcoming Sunday, the servants, or moreover , those in our employment – contractors – childcare – house cleaners etc… are given nominal proportionate raises, or released from a previous arrangement or obligation, or possibly given a random afternoon off.

It is the only day of Lent where an authentic Catholic Marriage is to be permitted

For our chanted Mass prayers, this upcoming Sunday, we are permitted the accompaniment of one single toned instrument – organ or piano – There is an ease at this the half way point of lent as we are permitted Church socials and mild family-centric entertainment – Quite a contrasting difference it is from the tradition of those of us who observe the traditional rules of three hour fast before Holy Communion – abstain from meat on Fridays year round – fast a full meal on Fridays in Lent – attend Stations of the Cross on Fridays in Lent and have abstinence from meat  added to Wednesdays throughout Lent, as well as additional prayer /office devotions

On this day throughout antiquity the elite traditional Catholic families and the nobility of outstanding recognition of that year – and the many others in support of them , don their best and are presented with Golden Roses – They would be hand crafted of real gold – formerly from the craft workers of the guilds of the Pope’s personal artisans – some of which were ‘thick’ gold – became priceless and to which some  were latter used to adorn reliquaries and are housed in the best libraries and sacred art museums, of the world

In post conciliar times they have eliminated the nobility offerings – as well as the eloquence and great value of the blessed rose itself and reduced it to a main Rose award and now a second Rose award from the Pontiff – Last year’s went to the ‘original Guadalupan Shrine’

The brief but accurate history is found on wiki here

Golden Rose of the Basilica of Our Lady of Scherpenheuvel

Golden Rose of the Basilica of Our Lady of Scherpenheuvel

One such Golden Rose in time was presented to the Princess of Brazil,  the grandmother of the following TFP author, speaking against what has run amuck in South America’s wider spread of liberation theology, it’s re-ordering and push towards the abolishment of property as well as the suppression of the various classes and nobility in various South America countries

Princess Isabel, Regent of the Empire, signed what she termed ‘Golden Law’, on a day of our Lady – May 13, 1888, definitively abolishing slavery in Brazil. That action cost her the throne, but earned her the title of the Redemptrix” of Brazil in union with our Lady. For it she received a Golden Rose and as tradition dictated from the gloved hand of the Pontiff himself

Addressing Pope Francis just two years ago, her grandson, Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza obviously was received by the Pontificate but of course with disdain Among the many things in his address to the Pope – Prince Bertrand had the following to say, quoting mostly  from Notre Charge Apostolique -1910

” Likewise, according to the teachings of Saint Pius X, a true return to order in human society supposes the restoration of all things in Christ— the beautiful motto of his pontificate: Instaurare omnia in Christo (Eph. 1:10) — and a resumption of the Christian ideal of society which he masterfully enunciated. Facing the rife “social and intellectual anarchy” in the early years of the 20th century, the saintly Pontiff pointed to the true way out: “The City cannot be built otherwise than as God has built it; society cannot be set up unless the Church lays the foundations and supervises the work; no, civilization is not something yet to be found, nor is the New City to be built on hazy notions; it has been in existence and still is: it is Christian civilization, it is the Catholic City. It has only to be set up and restored continually against the unremitting attacks of insane dreamers, rebels and miscreants

Regarding the uplifting and regeneration of working classes, Saint Pius X insisted that “the principles of of Catholic doctrine have been defined” and, quoting Leo XIII, he underlined the need to “preserve the diversity of classes which is assuredly the attribute of a soundly constituted State, and it must seek to give human society the form and character which God, its Author, has imparted to it

At the same time, that great Pontiff – of the time -denounced the wickedness of seeking “the suppression of classes and their leveling down”—as the MST and MTE do—and of changing the natural and traditional bases of human society on the promise of “a Future City built on different principle and particularly those of egalitarianism.”

Footnoted as : Notre Charge Apostolique, Aug. 25, 1910,

Uniquely related to these events

Our Lady Of Quito Ecuador and the approved Catholic apparition/ prophesies, of the coming Apostasy within and without the Church revealed what is upon us as foretold – (paraphrasing the translation) “Starting in the 20th century and on will begin the age of ecclesial apostasy and the chastisement of those choosing to follow the authentic Catholicism that has been clearly dictated by generations and centuries from  Divine Revelation of the treasure store of the Deposit of Faith”

Herein Fatima and Quito have multiple messages that confirm each other

Denial of the existence of Hell (resurgence of arianism – jehovahs witnesses – latter day sts….etc.)

The denial and refutation of the fact that the majority of all people go to hell (modern neo-Catholicism)

Including the approved visions of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres in the 1600sAD on OL of Quito

Codified translations from Fr. Mauel Sousa Pereira

are publicly available both new and used on Amazon, as well as through other book sellers and via the distributor themselves

The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana, Vol. 1

The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana, Vol. 2

In one of the best papers I have read to date on the subject

Ecuador Aparitions Of Our Lady – The Infiltration Of The Church And Vatican II on the link below I have made an adobe pdf  (not too many pages if printed double sided)

Ecuador Aparitions Of Our Lady – The Infiltration Of The Church And Vatican II


From Our Lady Of (Quito Ecuador) Good Success, these are “Catholic Church approved apparitions of Our Lady” and can easily be verified as such by contacting directly the Dicastry offices of your local Ordinary (Bishop)

On the many ramifications

Endless calls for dialogue without the call to repentance and true conversion to the One True Faith

Post conciliar neo-Catholicism is shocking to the old people in it’s unfolding events, but not to those of us that have studied the treaties comparing the new suggested pastoral works and guides of Vatican II with infallible Catholicism

In today’s corresponding news the Cardinal of the CDF has just called for NOT trying to convert migrants while helping them – Yet this upside down language still calls this “help” ?! What good is food and cloths (and quoting their vatican II ideologies)  if people are on their way to hell and you are silent about it ?!

These are not the only ramifications that violate Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture

The On-Going Threat to Private Property in America As Dictated By The Current Democrat Party Socialism Movement in the US and the Liberation Theology of The Current Pontificate in union with several of the South American countries as well as several European countries

In authentic Catholic social teaching – diametrically opposite to the meanderings of current Vatican statements – Property IS a right as well as Catholic heredity – The hierarchy of classes that this post French revolution – neo Catholicism era seeks desperately to continue to suppress and convert into an ecclesial egalitarianism of single class is now escalating and as seen first hand in recent partnerships with the United Nations

These novel idealistic notions that replaced Aristolean philosophy and Aquinas scholastics with contemporary philosophy of the Carl Jungs and Immanuel Kants of the world is also heavily peppered with the teachings of marxism This is what became the new guiding compass beneath theology as taught via the actual Vatican II-documents -which became  the refined interpreter of theology and in many cases supporting the suppression of the primacy of natural law in all things – political – religious and social. This is not  as even conservative Catholics attempt to impart ” in the spirit of ” or “it’s interpretation” nor in “the implementation thereof” but in their actual words that are in the V-II documents themselves and in dozens of cases that can be sited – radically divorced from Catholicism

The threat to private property in America (which includes several hundred remaining multi-generational traditional Catholic land owning farm families) is on-going and real

In contrast the Pope has just told the Italian Merchant class that “class hierarchy” should be overtaken by the new “individual focus”  that should abandon the profit model

This comes three days after the Pope’s statement to the Bishops that “the Church does not belong in commenting on the business and political sectors”

and four days following

Life Site News report of the  “ Pope  calls Italy’s foremost political abortion promoter one of nation’s ‘forgotten greats’ (This is , you must realize , the Margaret Sanger of Italian politics)

These liberation theology ideas of separating practice and belief – instituting a restructuring of property,  a focus on the primacy of ecology and open immigration are the core tenants of the extension of the French Revolution’s – enlightenment and egalitarianism movements

In contrast to this if we re-review some of the yearly Christmastide Allocutions of the Pontiffs to the traditional elite Catholic families throughout Tradition we are again taken aback by truth and beauty

We take for example Pope Pius XII in 1958, and some beautiful excerpts from our Catholic traditions as follows, with also the link  for the full Allocution worth reading -below

“You will recall to your children and grandchildren how the Pope of your childhood and adolescence did not neglect to point you toward the new responsibilities that the new circumstances of the age imposed on the nobility; that, indeed, he explained many times how industriousness would be the surest and most worthy way of ensuring yourselves a permanent place among society’s leaders; that social inequalities, while they make you stand out, also assign you certain duties toward the common good; that from the highest classes great boons or great harm could come to the people; that transformations of ways of life can, if one so wishes, be harmoniously reconciled with the traditions of which patrician families are the repositories.”

First of all, you must maintain an irreproachable religious and moral conduct, especially within the family, and practice a healthy austerity in life. Let the other classes be aware of the patrimony of virtues and gifts that are your own, the fruit of long family traditions: an imperturbable strength of soul, loyalty and devotion to the worthiest causes, tender and generous compassion toward the weak and the poor, a prudent and delicate manner in difficult and grave matters, and that personal prestige, almost hereditary in noble families, whereby one manages to persuade without oppressing, to sway without forcing, to conquer the minds of others, even adversaries and rivals, without humiliating them. The use of these gifts and the exercise of religious and civic virtues are the most convincing way to respond to prejudices and suspicion, since they manifest the spirit’s inner vitality, from which spring all outward vigor and fruitful works”


Catholic Modernism has led it’s people into the dessert of false Obedience – and into our era “The age of apostasy” as predicted not only by our Lady but by all the preconciliar Popes in multiple encyclicals

Restore All Things In Christ (through our Lady)

Instaurare omnia in Christo

Our Lady Of Good Success Pray For Us