Pope Francis, dialogue with Islam is a core issue, as he voices intent on meeting the major Sunni leader: the Grand Imam of al-Azhar Mosque, Ahmed el-Tayeb. Pope Francis wants more dialogue with Islam. Is Egypt the key? :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)


Grand Imam of al-Azhar Mosque, Ahmed el-Tayeb then responds with “How can US Christians explain support for same-sex marriage? : News Headlines | Catholic Culture


Back to Italy –The Pope instructs silence to Bishops on Italian gay marriage vote

Grazie, Santo Padre ! – Vatican silence leads to backroom deal – Italian Senate approves Same-Sex “Unions”


With Italy on the fringe of making sodomite marriages a law the Pope continues his tract of advocacy for liberation theology- open immigration – prioritization of programs to fight poverty over evangelization and conversion –coupled with the advocacy of birth control – now to be considered a lesser evil in countries with disease?!


The National Catholic Bioethics Center Responds To The Pope – Zika Does Not Justify Abortion or Contraception – No Response From The US Bishops


Abortion Clinics Are Closing at a Record High Pace In The US – Bloomberg Business (Still No Comment On The Pro-Life Movements Accomplishments From The US Bishops )


Yakima Diocese Bishops  discourages attendance at pro-life fundraiser addressed by Laura Ingraham : News Headlines | Catholic Culture



Dozens of LGBT groups lend support to abortifacient Obamacare mandate against Catholic Church (Illustrating One Of The Many Political – Spiritual and Economic Links Between The Movements Of Infanticide, Homosexuality, and Euthanasia)


The Download—Liberal Catholic Bishops Are Breaking Down Barriers


Old Liberal Bishop Urges Parishes not to Support Catholic Media Personality’s Pro-Life Event at Parishes Opposing the consensus as it is outlined by America’s Socialist Bishops’ Conference and /or being opposed to illegal immigration is now viewed an unforgivable sin.


Jesuit university students work for pro-abortion group as part of ‘catcalling’ course – On The College Fix – (No Response From The US Catholic Bishops)


Catholic college to host radical feminist in residency despite abortion advocacy | No Response From US Catholic Bishops


The Download—Why Are the Catholic Bishops Supporting Illegal Immigration? $$$


African Bishops Challenge Western Homosexual Indoctrination (No Response From The American Catholic Church Hierarchy )


Catholic Group Hosts Planned Parenthood Abortionist, Advertises Event With IUD on Rosary- Silence From The Bishops – They Instead Issued A Statement Urging People To Change The Focus To Allowing Open Border Immigration



The Eponymous Flower: Voris Joins the Chorus — Church Militant Criticizes Pope


On the Morning Of February 23rd Michael Voris Changed The Internal Policy Of CMTV and Saint Michael’s Media Joining the Many Faithful Catholic Outlets Allowing Criticism of The Papacy In Order To Protect Catholic Families

A Disgrace to the Chair of Peter | The Vortex


Vatican spokesman downplays Pope’s comments during airplane interview : News Headlines | Catholic Culture


Pro-family Catholics disturbed after reports of Pope’s comments on contraception – Voice of the Family


Humanae Vitae Coalition On PRI (Population Research Institute)


A Who’s Who of Pro-life and Catholic leaders voice grave concern over Pope’s contraception remarks | News | LifeSite


Personal commentary on the Pope

We must resist radical commentaries that he is one of the pre-emisaries of the Anti-Christ movement – We recognize that not reporting the objective truth of what is going on contributes to what led to the Clerical sex abuse crisis. We gather round as Catholics to pray for our Pope and we do apologetics work to defend the Catholic Church from the movement using the current Papacy to substantiate the sedevaticanist positions that are opposed to the Traditional Catholic Restoration movement We recognize who he is for what he represents without embarrassment, understanding that he is a left leaning Jesuit from a modernist progressive school that advocates for the ideologies of both  liberation theology and liberal reform of the Catholic Church We acknowledge that he was not was well formed theologically, scripturally, and ecclesiastically and there are growing camps of faithful Cardinals and Bishops forming to defend the Faithful from this Papacy’s ideologies  But like a good son of drunken Father we cover up our Father and we look towards brighter clearer mornings and we do reparation for him and commit him to be dispatched by the  Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of All Graces, and Advocate to the feet of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Catholics United for the Faith | Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of All Graces, and Advocate | Teaching the Catholic Faith


Our Lady Of Peace