As translated by Francesca Romana In Italy from the lead story the Cardinal submitted for publication to the Italian paper “Il Sole”

It was not five years ago that this enemy within the Church Cardinal Ravasi said the following

Preaching in churches had become formulaic and boring that it risked becoming “irrelevant”. He said that “The advent of televised and computerised information requires us to be compelling and trenchant, to cut to the heart of the matter, resort to narratives and colour,” He added that “We need to remember that communicating faith doesn’t just take place through sermons. It can be achieved through the 140 characters of a Twitter message.” Via Twitter he has shared, as well as prayers and Bible passages, observations on life and faith from Shakespeare, Jonathan Swift, Buddha, Camus, Mark Twain and many more. ”

In 2013 he commemorated the deaths of cultural icons Lou Reed and in this year of 2016, David Bowie, quoting Perfect Day and Space Oddity, respectively.

David Bowie was an aberosexual social revolutionary who also promoted the hindu understanding that achieving “androgyny” is the ultimate union of creation and the creator An eastern mystery religions ideology that is respected by the gnostic, arian, and social re-engineering ideologies of grand orient freemasonry

It’s almost as bad as the continual Michale Jackson eulogies and tributes we hear even in Catholic circles.

Michael Jackson was both a long term junkie- (A hard core drug addict to the world of uppers and downers and sleeping pills)  as well as a repeat offender pedophile – of which his money bailed him out of indictments with settlements on at least three occasions. The settlements he paid out cumulatively totaled in the millions

Putting balloons and teddy bears on his grave can’t disguise his descent below the grave

A French priest who has renounced his membership of Freemasonry, as recent as this past decade, revealed and published this Masonic plan that he was given him to be followed when he was part of the sect.

The Masonic Plan For The Destruction Of The Catholic Church

High on the priorities of the 33 points or degrees to progress towards is the democratization of the Catholic Church and increasingly the promotion of lay people to roles previously and exclusively reserved to the Ordained

In each generation they must achieve another role previously only available to the Sacramental Priesthood and also ascribe to it the new post conciliar definitions of the Sacraments and the roles

Today is the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter

Originally this Feast was a first class Feast on January 18th but John the XXIII changed in in 1960 to a 2nd class Feast on (today) February 22nd as it is observed in the traditional 1962 Missal

Because the change was enacted by a Conciliar Pope it was retained in the Reform of the New Rite and although it retains the same date as the 1962 Missal/ Calendar the novus ordo recognition of it has it a bit redefined as celebrating  the unity of the various disparate regions of the Church in the world in a different interpretation of it’s definition of “what is the Church” from it’s late 8th /early 9th century intentions