Bishop Anthony Borwah of the Diocese of Gbarnga in Liberia and Robert Spencer were on a CMTV skype –video panel creating an interesting cross-talk on the Catholic muslim inter-religious dialogue

Where it left off unfinished – due to time constraints Robert Spencer wrote an insightful article on both the errors of the Catholo-Muslim inter-religious dialogue and what the Truth of the items at large are

What can the Catholic Church do?

CMTV’s Brad Eli who holds Masters of Divinity and Theology and is one the lead traditional Catholic Journalists on staff writes on both

Massachusetts Bishop Taking Center Stage in Inter-religious Dialogue

The highlight is today at the University of San Diego where the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is participating in a panel discussion with the Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Society of North America It raises more funds for the muslim brotherhood in the US than any other organization and the CIA is currently in stand-down mode for operations against them by executive Presidential Order

U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops to Meet with Muslim Brotherhood.

Was Muhammad a False Prophet? – Crisis Magazine Article Gets To The Heart Of The Question

German Report: Most New Year’s Sex Assault Suspects Are Muslim Refugees – Over 1000 Complaints Filed Since The First Of The Year

But of course according to their Quran it is not a crime but they are encouraged to rape the women of unbelievers

On this panel track of interfaith relations with muslims and increasing by degrees, over two decades, the leveraging of it’s permission to do so is via the Vatican II declaration of Nostrae Aetate which was actually architect-ed around other “Christian” religions and is not directly related to islam It should be also noted that it has been challenged by traditional Catholic organizations and debated by scholars since the radical 1960s peace and love era that gave it its base of authorship

Regardless, it was and is, by the Catholic Church’s own admission living as a non-binding pastoral document from a “non-doctrinal pastoral council ” That by the way is the official Roman Catholic Church definition of Vatican II and it’s documents


The same is true for the USCCB’s continuing “Americanism” movement It was already declared a heresy by Pope Leo XIII and interestingly it’s one of the Encyclicals that cannot be gotten to anymore on the Vatican VA site

Anticipating that …all the Vatican Encyclicals and key documents throughout history have been digitized in their original form and can be accessed online

Here is one declaration that is even truer today than the day it was declared

Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae


Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski drew parallels between his primary role of his authorship of the Lutheran – Catholic documents that came out of his Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs called “The Declaration of the Way” – the majority of which was sighted in many specific passages by traditional Catholic theologians as being fully heretical and in some sections downright evil

It sights this method as the main method to covert lutherans and muslims – Despite these claims there have been less than 0.5% converts in the US from both these religions but what it has successfully done is given islamicists access to Catholic communities for “Dawa” – (the permission for them to proselytize islam to the now uneducated Catholic masses of people in the US )– the majority of which (the current generation) has not graduated from nor ever attended Catholic schools and over half have only had partial CCD training via post conciliar, non traditional, ecumenical programs

The USCCB has been addressed numerous times in letters from Voice of the Family, TFP and other traditional Catholic organizations on the numbers of muslim conversions (from Catholicism) due to the Bishops’ programs,  both individual Bishops and as a group. The USCCB refuses to answer or address these concerns and questions….at all . So much for open dialogue on the one way highway.

The students and professors of islam in the United States have begun to enact the exact same methods that militarily won them the middle east –The majority of which are home schooled on military history and military logistics

They are studying the maps of the land – the geography -the terrain and the elevations – They understood early on that the force that controls Damascus and Syrian line will geographically control the region as well as a shield from attack from the waterways and easy re-supply and retreat when needed – “geographic guerrilla warfare ” to the key areas nearest resources and places to quickly retreat to.

Here the same is being enacted in ‘the centering’ in central Michigan and the suburban outskirts of the majority of US major cities where the mosques are ordering the peoples relocation(s) to.

In their history there has never been a region, nor have they ever been a  peoples, that have accepted coexistence – and to say that they have is the new public schools rewriting of history books currently underway (and the subject of another story )– Coexistence is prohibited by their religion and their intent on coming here,  by their own majority admission, is ‘dominance’ – Ask someone you know that is islamic and see if this is not true ? Whence 51% of any population is reached the Quran requires them to change to ‘conversion of neighbors by force’ – It’s their religion and our denial that it is a tenant central to their religion – side by side

As the mosques begin to go up throughout the land the new post conciliar Catholic Church syncretism with the anti-Christ marches on

1 John 2:22-23

Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also

\Over Land- Sea and Sky Our Lady of Fatima pray for us and intercede for us to the feet of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Our Lady Of Fatima