The Washington Post Reports = The death of Antonin Scalia: Chaos, confusion and conflicting reports –

Former Intel Officer Suspects Foul Play in Death of Antonin Scalia » Alex Jones’On Alex Jones Infowars

The best of the eulogies, and a  synopsis of the traditional Catholic Justice Antonin Scalia: the Constitution’s great defender against sex-crazed tyranny On LifeSite

Since the government of the people ,( the House of Representatives and the Senate ) are practically checked into a semi-permanent analysis paralysis as the flex of the new powers of the Executive branch come into play – the US government becomes more and more powerful in recent decades. The originally designed system of the elected State government(s) being higher in power hierarchy is routinely being overthrown by the Federal Government – the Executive Branch’s placed Supreme Court Justices and the NSA –

Why We Must Oppose the Satanic Offensive And What Our Holy Popes Of Antiquity Have Had To Say About Socialism

It’s common knowledge that the United States has become more Socialistic by greater and greater degrees under the past two Presidential terms But is the real goal – “the control of the new socialist government ruled by elite nine of the US Supreme Court as one of the key chess pieces in the new world order ?”

But would they kill for it ?

Is this election the “Last Hurrah” on TFP

It’s also common knowledge that the banking cartels are international and it’s surrounding organizations and lobbyists entrenched in ecclesiastical freemasonry

In addition to which the Federal Reserve is now a completely 100% private corporation controlled by them

Common to most all is also the resurgence and the knowledge that the power of Masonry is again on the rise

Most of us saw the French Bishop’s Newspaper’s articles push, last week, into accepting Freemasonry in

“French Bishops Seek Lifting of Excommunication for Freemasons”  In Making Their Case To The Hierarchy February 9th, 2016

Now the Germans seeing the time is right with the French Bishops having gone public, throw their hat into the circle of voices and calls for a new commission for Catholo-mason dialogue

Masonic Cardinal Bemoans Justifiable Criticism of His Masonic Attitudes and Advocates Dialog With Freemasonry

Was all this infiltration of the Church our society and our legal courts systems predicted by Our Lady in Quito Ecuador

Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times- Tradition, Family, and Property

The anniversary of the Prophesy on the Candlemas /Purification –

Our Lady and the Importance of Ecuador

Feb 2nd pre-dawn Procession in Ecuador

Can the truth be found in this Church Chapel nestled at the foot of the hills would Truth be revealed to the New Covenant peoples in this simple soft way similar to the creator of the Universe being born in a cave stable of stone and wood among four legged creatures ?