Candlemas 2016 Photopost From Around the Loop On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Stations of the Cross at Holy Innocents will follow on all Fridays in Lent and in post of tonight’s Mass of the Seven Founders Of The Servites of Our Lady – Offered as a Friday Lenten High Mass

The Servites were also the founders of the original Pontifical Institute of Mariology

March 19th Feast of Saint Joseph at Our Lady of Mount Carmel on Oliver Street in Newark as offered by the Msgr. Joseph Amrosio is now on the Schedule

See flyer below in photo (and in pdf format on the link for distribution )

Traditional Mass For The Feast Of Saint Joseph

The Traditional Rite community of Allentown, NJ and the Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist of Allentown invites the greater Catholic populace to experience a traditional Lenten Embertide Retreat Weekend from 02/19 to 02/21

See flyer below for more details

Lenten Embertide Allentown NJ 02-19 to 02-21

The traditional Lenten Day of Reflection at Saint Anthony of Padua Jersey City is a reminder for that Saturday of February 20th, with more information of the flyer/link

Day of Recollection #4 ( February 20 2016 St. Francis Zurbaran)

Traditional Holy Land Pilgrimage As Led By Canon Jean Moreau , Priest of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest- March 28th through April 7th 

On Syversen

On The National ICKSP Site

In Photos … for larger /higher resolution of the shared Sacred Architecture

Depiction of “the West Wing” at Vespers – Why could it not really be like this near every major See

Vespers In The West Wing - Westminster

The Servites Church of Our Lady of Sorrows in Chicago and it’s magnificent High Altar is pictured below 

Servites Of-Our_Lady_of_Sorrows_Chicago

Servites Church and the beauty of it’s High Altar in Austria as pictured below

Servites Church and High Altar in Austria -_Innsbruck_-_Servitenkirche

Explanation of the Refuge of Sinners – as read by Saint Maximilian Kolbe

God is merciful , infinitely merciful, nevertheless just and infinitely just. He cannot bear the least sin and must demand full satisfaction for it. The stewardess of the Infinite value of the Precious Blood of Jesus that washed away sin. The immaculata is the personification of God’s mercy. Therefore She is rightly called the refuge of sinners , of all sinners regardless of the number and greatness of their sins – even though the sinner would think there is no more mercy left for him. Indeed every cleansing of the soul is for her a new confirmation of her title of Immaculate Conception. The more deeply the soul is plugged into sin the more does the power of the immaculateness show itself, by the fact that she gives snowy whiteness to such a soul .

Kecharitomene = The Immaculate Mediatrix of All Graces In the Scriptures Of Both Old and New Covenants !

Full -FFIs Article on the link below


The Servites Of Mary