Karl Rahner and the infiltrating theology ramp onto the Vatican II highway of revolutionary changes on CMTV

The theory of the non-Catholic –non –Christian becomes the “anonymous Christian” of good intent and at the heart of it glorifies paganism and the gods of paganism and it’s inroads to masonry

The Download—What the Hell? http://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/the-downloadhell

The new paganism is explained here

As the Fatima Network detailed it out in an excellent paper on the subject (in adobe pdf format) explaining in greater detail how the ideologies and theologies of masonry have infiltrated every aspect of government structures in the US and abroad as well as many high level sectors of our Holy Roman Catholic Church – most evident in the new “Bishop Conferences”

On the link The New Paganism- Apologetics Against Masonry

In some areas the damages to the Catholic Church may be too great to be overcome in this generation or the next, even if a Restoration – minded Pope should take the throne and begin to direct the Church back towards the core Catholic theologies of the Reign of Christ the King

The French Bishops are being accused of fear in the face of Islamists so says the Melkite Rite Archbishop


But is it really fear ?

Or is it as we see here that the newspaper of the French Conference of Bishops has already begun to advocate for changing the restrictions and rules of automatic excommunication for Catholics and Catholic hierarchy that wish to be free and accepted fully Aproned Freemasons and illicit yet another avenue of syncretism

“Newspaper of the French Bishops Seeks Lifting of Excommunication for Freemasons”  Making Their Case To The Hierarchy February 9th, 2016


In the United States, the USCB announced a new US Catholic-Muslim dialogue has been launched, with the dissident Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich To Head, And As Supported By the Pope – Story by RNS

It remains to be seen how the Archbishop’s insistent foray into seeking  greater approval for recognition of homosexual unions by the Catholic Church will go over with the people of Islam


Unbeknownst to the modernists there is no such thing as militant and or extremist muslims and regular muslims

Anyone who has every studied comparative religion or Catholic Apologetics for mohammedanists knows that there are two sets of laws,

one for Morazabes – Christians living under muslim rule and or within a muslim majority area and

one for Mudejares which are muslims living under Christian rule and or within a Christian majority

In the current state of refugee camps in Germany – they are the majority – Therefore see this article to see which set of laws applies and learn

German asylum centers: Muslim migrants tear up Bibles, assault Christians, sexually abuse women and children, beat up gays


An article in the American translation of the Italian Chiesa Espresso states that there has already and quickly been lined up a defense amongst the conservative and traditional clergy and apostolates against the Papal administration’s latest plans to co-opt the German Conference of Bishops proposal to laicize the Priesthood into a married priesthood in the west and to enter a the proposal for a female Diaconate into the next Synod debate

The Vatican ground work has already been laid as the Pope plans to issue a moto-proprio, on his Mexico visit, allowing Deacons to marry even after they become Deacons in the west, which is currently not the law today – Currently the Canon law has prospective Deacons approved for ordination to the Deaconate limited to those that have been previously married and approved in and of those having attained a theological accreditation are permitted in the Western Roman Rite and or those already Ordained to the Deaconate prohibited from marrying

It is said that this will be his second step, with the first being his Papal order that permitted married Eastern Catholic priests to enter into and practice in Western Rite dioceses This would be so that the Western Rite Priests are surrounded with married religious in what could very well, if not executed out-rightly, the last generation of a celibate Priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church.

If he were to accomplish a married western Rite Priesthood not only would it be celebrated by its long time champions of the “G” (Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis) but it would implode what is left of the celibate ranks of the Nuns and Brothers, 80% of which have deserted and/or disappeared from vocations since the inception of Vatican II – in validated and recorded statistics

So this is somewhat good news that the growing contingency of religious and faithful Catholic families assembling to defend the Church in a resistance to Francis I is finally materializing


Additional article on the Vatican initiating same

Priestly Celibacy Going Up For Grabs In The Next Synod

“In the Example of Christ” — Cardinal Secretary: “One can talk about it, but without haste”


In this  post ecumenical theology of the new syncretism era everyone is a priest – prophet and king and the distinction between the Priesthood of the patriarchal family and the Ministerial Priesthood ordained by Apostolic succession is suppressed pending abolishment by the reigning egalitarianism

The results of the pagan masonic influence on Vatican II and the tragic final results to “the woman” – matriarch of the traditional Catholic family home –

Apollyon Unleashed: Hell’s Attack on the Kitchen Table : Apollyon  The Woman & Matriarch Of The Catholic Home- Article by The Remnant Newspaper –

And stories of “where were you” when the internal revolution in the Catholic Church hit in the 1970s

Catholic scholastics and traditional calendar liturgical life in the time continuum were replaced and disciplines of modern contemporary (ever-changing) philosophy was supplanted into Catholic education


With more fruit of the fall out in today’s news at the Vatican: The Pope declares the worst “Bishops are now NOT required to report sexual abuse to the police/authorities” according to the new procedures of the Catholic Church


Tradition, Family, and Property – On Pope Francis’ Symbolic Gesture Commemorating The Heretic Luther

Martin Luther and Lutheranism was primarily responsible for the 1st protestant doctrines disestablishing the real presence and transubstantiation that creeped one step at a time into the Church until they entered the new western Rite and it became materialized in the deconstruction of the Altar rails -the shuffling off to the corner the Holy of Holies Tabernacle of the Lord – – the dismantling and disuse of Confessionals of the Sacrament of Penance and the iconoclasm of the removal of millions (world-wide) of the icons of our intercessors and martyrs


Vatican Radio story announced “Catholics and Lutherans On The Way To Full Accord” story too ridiculous to post the link 

“ The Situation is Officially Out of Control” Story on The Remnant Newspaper –


Pope Francis To Help Launch Commemoration Of the 500th Anniversary Of the Protestant Revolt Against The Catholic Church | News | LifeSite


Excellent archive journal article on New Orthodox Review

One Humdrum Catholic & Apostolic Church?

By Marian E. Crowe

Liturgists and moralists proclaim that, while the Church was wrong for centuries, we, the enlightened post-Vatican II Catholics, have surpassed those benighted ages of the pre-Vatican II Catholics


These people can Repent it’s possible but first everyone has to help everyone else understand what is actually sinful and amiss – end the era of denial and bring it to the forefront to end the revolution in the Church and focus on uniting the Restoration

Though I am but dust and ashes, suffer me to utter my plea to Thy mercy; suffer me to speak, since it is to God’s mercy that I speak and not to man’s scorn. From Thee too I might have scorn, but Thou wilt return and have compassion on me. … I only know that the gifts Thy mercy had provided sustained me from the first moment. … All my hope is naught save in Thy great mercy. Grant what Thou dost command, and command what Thou wilt” (St. Augustine of Hippo, Confessions, 6, 19).


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Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us to the feet of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ