On Family Day, the Catholic Majority spoke in Italy – despite the Pope’s silence (Complete Article by Roberto de Mattei on Rorate Caeli )


“Pope Francis absence and palpable aloofness was very evident”. He didn’t even as much as send a greeting to Family Day and there was no mention of it at all at Saturday morning’s general audience nor at the Angelus the day after. How are we to judge this silence, just when the Italian Government and Parliament are about to inflict a moral wound on our country?

He in fact discouraged Bishophric participation and considered the battle of families to defend themselves from: legalized homosexual unions – homosexual adoption laws – protection against law suits by homosexuals – protection of families who’s businesses do not recognize any attempt at these pseudo state laws in creation of a 3rd sex, to be what he termed an “internal Italian government issue”

Millions of Catholics turned out in the Capital of Catholicism and only one very embarrassed prelate – local Bishop

The Call to Battle To Defend Our Families Against This Onslaught From Within and From Without Is – “For Strong Catholic Men To Step Into The Breach

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Bearing the costs of discipleship that are inevitably imposed on faithful witnesses to truth by cultures that turn away from God and his law


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