Bolivia Has Just Abolished Communion In The Hand By Formal Decree

Ban on Calvinist Hand Communion — South American Diocese Publishes Decree

A series of over a dozen episodes on CMTV on the tragedies of Communion In The Hand – YouTube

Sleight of Hand – Reception Deception –

The full twelve episodes gives a full bibliography of every CDF Vatican documents -Papal proclamations and Saint declarations, repeatedly and over multiple centuries against it.

Although the rest is available only by a premium subscription of $10 a month (to which I highly recommend)  the15 day  free trial is available and it would also enable one t0 view their last several days on the Download show )

There is documented evidence being presented on the longer term corruption of the USCB in over a dozen different areas – doctrinal and financial INCLUDING THIS one

Basically it’s being charged- with a mountain of documented evidence-  that the widespread implosion of the international Catholic Church is due to the mafia like state machine of the NCCB that became the USCB of which the Vatican has now inherited and been contaminated with and is now like an artillery equipped Sacred Tradition trashing machine

Our beautiful divine revelation Church will have to come to terms with itself in this era we’re living through

Smashing Traditions: The Vatican War Machine is Back – On OnePeterFive

Most Rev. Athanasius Schneider Interview On EWTN on The Evils Of Communion in the Hand – YouTube

Should You Receive Communion in the Hand?  -An Ave Maria YouTube

Explaining the resurrection of Arianism (the source of the jehovahs witnesses apostasy) and in the 17th Century Dutch Calvinism communion in the hand’s intended doctrinal denunciation of the real presence and the episcopal (church) assemblies relocation of the Holy Tabernacle to a side altar in synch with same

Part #1 of the tutorial of Catholic Church teachings over the centuries

Part #2 of the tutorial of Catholic Church teachings over the centuries

Faithlessness: The Terrible Price of Communion in the Hand – Remnant News On YouTube (some of the stock footage will shock the average Catholic)

Why Catholics Should not Receive Communion in the Hand – Part 1 – Father Gruner on same in a Fatima Center video – approximately one year ago            (on YouTube)

Saint Agatha

Some of OUR martyred Saints died fighting against this abuse and some were even bodily mutilated defending the integrity of the fullness of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition as divinely revealed

We’ll be reminded in tomorrow’s liturgical sacrifice in red for Saint Agatha’ s intercession to our Lady and the feet of our Lord of All Saint Agatha