Prior to misinterpretation I would like to preface this post with a disclaimer by stating upfront that we are not SSPX but part of Ecclesia Dei communities in communion with Rome and people that truly do not understand the widespread persecution by the mainstream Catholic populace of our traditional Catholic brothers and sisters of the Society of Saint Pius the X

In April of 2015

Argentina formally recognizes SSPX as part of the Catholic Church – at the request of the Archbishop of Buenos Aires (and Pope Francis?)

Then in September 2015

Pope Francis drops a bombshell: Catholics can receive absolution from dissident SSPX priests – Spectator

SSPX Can No Longer Be Called Schismatic As The Sacrament of Penance Offered At Their Chapels Becomes Licit For the Year Of Mercy – Father Z

Then in late September 2015

Michael Voris, and our friends at , CMTV, in rebellion to the current trajectory and Pope Francis ecumenical order for the allowance for all Catholics to attend to the Sacrament of Penance and to be able to council with SSPX Catholic Priests headed in a very different direction. The mysterious hidden agenda , supposedly in relation to a relationship with CMTV’s benefactors, turned the vitriol up to vindictive and strangely began attacking the SSPX -in a short string of multiple episodes.

A line by line Catholic apologetics to each false charge levied by CMTV  then emerged

on The Remnant in early October 2015

Then this  week (February 2016) his Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider  granted an interview with Rorate Caeli

To which he publicly stated the following on SSPX

A non-typical situation in the church is the Priestly Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).

Why are so many Catholics are afraid of the SSPX or anxious about any association with it and what gifts the SSPX can bring to the mainstream Church

When someone or something is unimportant and weak, nobody has fear of it. Those who have fear of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X ultimately have fear of the perennial Catholic truths and of its demands in the moral and the liturgical domain.

When the SSPX tries to believe, to worship and to live morally the way our fore-fathers and the best-known Saints did during a millennial period, then one has to consider the life and the work of these Catholic priests and faithful of the SSPX as a gift for the Church in our days – even as one of the several instruments which the Divine Providence uses to remedy the enormity of the current general crisis of the faith, of the morals and of the liturgy inside the Church.

In some sectors of the SSPX there are, however, as it is the case in every human society some eccentric personalities. They have a method and a mindset which lack justice and charity and consequently the true “sentire cum ecclesia,” and there is the danger of an ecclesial autocephaly and to be the last judicial instance in the Church. However, to my knowledge, the healthier part corresponds to the major part of the SSPX and I consider their General Superior, His Excellency Monsignor Bernard Fellay, as an exemplarily and true Catholic bishop. There is some hope for a canonical recognition of the SPPX.

Posted here in it’s entirety on Rorate Caeli

The interview was also picked up by Lifesite News focusing on the Bishop’s comments on the now widespread acknowledgement of the infiltration of the Catholic Church hierarchy to which the Bishop called these many theologians professors Bishops and Cardinals – “Cowardly Rabbits” and used the protective term (rather than heretic) “semi-heretical” Understanding that “heresy” is a formal charge when levied by a Bishop needing to be addressed by a Tribunal or the Signatura of the Roman Rota

The Bishop’s very interesting comments on the Traditional Latin Mass in the same interview are as follows

If Pope Benedict is correct in saying that the Roman Rite currently (if strangely) exists in two forms rather than one, why has it not yet happened that all seminarians are required to study and learn the traditional Latin Mass, as part of their seminary training? How can a parish priest of the Roman Church not know both forms of the one rite of his Church? And how can so many Catholics still be denied the traditional Mass and sacraments if , as it has been declared, is an equal form?

According to the intention of Pope Benedict XVI, and the clear norms of the Instruction “Universae Ecclesiae,” all Catholic seminarians have to know the traditional form of the Mass and be able to celebrate it. The same document says that this form of Mass is a treasure for the entire Church – thus it is for all of the faithful.

Pope John Paul II made an urgent appeal to all bishops to accommodate generously the wish of the faithful regarding the celebration of the traditional form of the Mass. When clerics and bishops obstruct or restrict the celebration of the traditional Mass, they don’t obey what the Holy Spirit says to the Church, and they are acting in a very anti-pastoral way. They behave as the possessors of the treasure of the liturgy, which does not belong to them, for they are only administrators.

In denying the celebration of the traditional Mass or in obstructing and discriminating against it, they behave like an unfaithful and capricious administrator who – contrary to the instructions of the house-father – keeps the pantry under lock or like a wicked stepmother who gives the children a meager fare. Perhaps such clerics have fear of the great power of the truth irradiating from the celebration of the traditional Mass. One can compare the traditional Mass with a lion: Let him free, and he will defend himself

A large contingency from the Society assembled and on procession at the March For Life 2016 in support of the Roman Catholic Church –  Natural Law at the service of the Son of Our Lady

They carried Our Lady of Fatima and led a block long public Rosary by megaphone

On You Tube –

The Eucharistic Congress of 2016 Held This Year In The Philippines Saw Several Million People Turn Out For Candlelight Procession That Mirrored The Amazing Pilgrimages of Antiquity Where Millions Of People In Spain and Poland Would Urge The Faithful To The Road Of The Faithful Journey

Possibly The Largest Eucharistic Procession In The World Ever Undertaken

SSPX_march-for-life-mastheadMarch For Life _001

As we walk in the darkness towards the light of the Eucharistic Body of Christ

May tonight’s Candlemas Light Your Way


Ave Maria