This past January A Respected Loyola Marymount Professor Predicted The  University Will Lose its Catholic Identity ‘Within a Generation’

Look what happened when they removed our Lord from the public school systems- The model of a county jail, a correctional institute emerges

Some startling statistics regarding violence in schools, the dropout rate, a rising police presence, metal detectors, guard dogs and all the rest of the measures being taken to prevent kids from killing each other in the classrooms. What happened? What went wrong? Could it have something to do with God, prayer and the Bible being banned from public schools? Are public schools little microcosms of the New World Order? In a suprising eight minute news video from Michael Matt

As far back as 2007 they were publicly asking can the grammar and high school systems in the US be saved

Among their many alarming statistics was tracking over 2000 school closures between the years  2000 and 2006 alone

To zoom out to the google maps perspective when did the implosion and the exodus en masse begin ?

Many wrongly believe it was the sex abuse cover-up as the basis but it was not Even the sex abuses cases as horrendously wrong as it was did not come anywhere near to the numbers of same in both jehovahs witnesses and the US Military,  top on the list of most numerous cases of sex offenders and rarely published with accuracy.  It was clearly and statistically from Vatican II onward and never discussed as such

What resulted from the Council among the many other tragedies such as the fall of the traditional trained choirs and the entire Catholic Sacred Music industry was the exodus of the nuns Our vowed religious order nuns were the primary basis of the business model in Catholic education making up the gap of the delta in the lack of federal funding from the core of it the anti-Catholic discrimination against subsidizing of our educational system despite it’s plethora of benefits to the Country. This anti Catholic discrimination existed in the US and the US Government from it’s inception as a country and making the field a level playing field with that of the US public school system was the nuns In the 1950s the government became highly envious of it as 1 in every 8 Americans were emerging from a Catholic institution with a much better education and advantage than most.

In the twilight just before the Council of Vatican II was called – The United States had the most amount of religious vocations in it’s history – The most amount of Catholic Hospitals- Catholic Schools , Catholic Churches – Catholic Orphanages and Catholic Adoption Agencies

Since Vatican II every one of these categories have plummeted drastically

Since Vatican II,  100,000 vowed religious have abdicated their vows and have become laicized

With the current executive branch administration of the Obama led Democrat party seemingly bent on wanting to eradicate what is left of the Catholic Schools systems and  infiltrate what remains with Common Core and the new ‘Catholic-Syncretism” religion

When not  just activist parents but parents from all walks of life became unsuccessful in blocking Common Core new strategies emerged yet they were successful in kicking them out in only small pockets

Teachers Untied Against Common Core

Parents Against the Common Core and their Petition To Stop Common Core

Faithful Catholics are rightly afraid of the Dicastries and are in the majority uniquely aware of the anti-Catholic education and material being taught in the majority of all Diocesan grammar schools and high schools – What’s being taught in the Novus Ordo Parishes and their schools as the majority of self educated Catholics are uniquely aware of is the new syncretistic religion that everyone must reject

With the upper middle class heading to charter schools and faithful Catholics heading to the few, and becoming rarer, Traditional Catholic schools that are left a boom has then occured in the Catholic Home Schooling system

Choices for the courageous and serious Catholic families

NJ Catholic Home School Systems

NY State Catholic Home School Systems

IHM Catholic Homeschooling Conferences

Traditional Catholic books

Collect them now and treasure them in your own Catholic family libraries as traditional Catholic books are rounded up forced either out of print or into rare book status

The beauty of rare books of God’s word

The horror that is turning collections of rare books and Catholic history into ascetic less refrigerator glass enclosed incubator from a science fiction movie ready to be relocated underground on a secluded island

Science Fiction Becomes Reality

The  Rare Book and Manuscript Library At Yale Stripped Of All It’s Beauty And Romanticism and Quarantined Into A Track able Maintenance Asset Of Burden Awaiting For It’s Own Law Of Euthanasia

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library-at--yale-university_02


Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library-at--yale-university\

All of this was predicted in the Vatican approved apparition of Our Lady of Akita

Not far from where Saint Maximilllian Kolbe established Marytowns not 30 years earlier both there in Japan, in Poland and latter his followers in the US

At this time Our Lady predicted the Church would become infiltrated and for the time first (never seen before Vatican II) Bishops and Cardinals would publicly oppose one another as they attempt to change the religion of the Church established by Jesus Christ and the entire world begins to suffer from the inseparable linkage to the fallout

Our Layd of Akita