Some of the lesser (and greater) known Candlemas Traditions

The older orders – especially those that pray the Little Office of The Blessed Virgin Mary celebrate Christmastide in prayer – season and liturgy until Candlemas and or Septuagesisma Sunday, the movable (gregorian dating) start of pre-lent that comes from the Catholic Church’s setting of the Easter date every year for all of Western Christianity (still to this day)   – In some orders it is one or the other and other orders which ever comes first Septuagesisma or the Purificaton, as Candlemas is a (Julian) fixed date 40 days after the birth of Christ

The Mother of God subjects herself to the Purification and Presentation of The Son of God not out of need but in order to fulfill the prophesy that would come to pass within the domain of “‘under the law” of Moses

Among the  lost traditional Catholic customs being restored is to let a blessed candle burn all night on this Feast day before an icon of Our Lady. When the world still had forests everywhere, her intercession was relied upon to keep the wolves away during these cold nights. Now, our “wolves” tend to be of a different sort, (protecting our families from the wolves within the Church) but the pious burning of a blessed candle with prayers offered to Our Lady, is still called upon to help keep them at bay as well as several other associated devotions

Various countries decorate the candles brought from home to be blessed  in different ways with symbols and ribbons.

The Candlemas Polish name — “Matka Boska Gromniczna,” or “Mother of God of the Blessed Thunder Candle.”

On the  40th and last day of Christmas my true love sent to me two turtle doves for Sacrifice

The weather on Candlemas is also an indication of early or late Spring to be followed by the Weds Friday and Saturday Lenten Embertide days in the week following Ash Wednesday

Catholic small “t” tradition has it like the other three of our seasons a predictor of the weather for the next three months

In Lenten Embertide Weds should indicate March weather – Friday should indicate April weather and Saturday should indicate May weather

Other associated festal recommendations

Galanthus nivalis- the common snow drop flower or white carnations are the flower for the table or mantle or home Altar for this feast’s tradition

Crepes Suzette or Tamales- and or hot chocolate are traditional to Candlemas

Dinner should be served with the majority of the regular house candles lit

Crepes Suzette Recipe

2 eggs
2 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon cream
2 tablespoons milk
1 pinch of salt

Suzette Sauce

Vanilla sugar
Juice of 2 oranges
Skin of 2 oranges
Juice of 1 lemon
Orange Blossom water
White Curacao

Candlemas: Some Theological and Historico-Liturgical Notes

Codex of St. Armand, Rome circa A.D. 800

This Year’s Candlemas -a double 2nd class High Mass, as celebrated in Jersey City’s Saint Anthony of Padua with visiting guest and choir- and as announced today on Rorate Caeli

See link

Palestrina’s Missa Brevis on Candlemas in Jersey City, New Jersey

Some photographs

Candlemas 2015 at Holy Innocents NYC

Holy Innocents Candlemas

Candlemas 2015 at Mater Ecclessia Berlin, NJ

Candlemas 2015 At Mater Eclesia In Berlin New Jersey _001 Candlemas 2015 At Mater Eclesia In Berlin New Jersey _002

Pontifical Candlemas 2015 in Madison WI

Pontifical Candlemas 2015 - Madison WI

Candlemas flyer for the Palo Alto area of California at Saint Thomas Aquinas

~double click for higher res~

Candlemas Flyer For The Palo Alto Area of California_002