CMTV Episode of Mic’d Up: An Explosion of Tradition In The Catholic Church

……The Traditional Latin Mass is exploding, both in the United States and overseas. This is in marked contrast to the number of those attending the Ordinary Rite of the Mass. With the Novus Ordo largely being improperly celebrated in most parishes and Catholic teaching neglected, the average parish is shrinking, if it hasn’t been closed already.

But there is one area of the Church where the decline is reversing itself. The Latin Mass was largely celebrated only in pockets here and there, but these began to multiply after Pope St. John Paul II granted an indult to celebrate the Latin Mass. The Latin Mass began to really get traction after the release of Pope Benedict’s “Summorum Pontificum.”…………..

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Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi. As we Worship, So we Believe, So we Live

But is it really just about the choice of Liturgy or ?! is it also and sometimes more so – an allegiance and immersion in a more authentically Catholic – theology – doctrine – dogma – tradition – morals – rubrics and a way of living together as a Catholic culture – A revival of Sacred Music – Art – The Classics – Architecture – Scholastics and Traditional Catholic Education resident with and within it.

The research shows that in the US alone over 2000 Novus Ordo parishes have closed and an uncountable amount of their affiliated Diocesan schools have shut their doors – On the dramatic rise are Vocations to the traditional Orders – the expressions of the old traditional devotions – the establishment of traditional Catholic grammar schools and High Schools, the rising enrollment at the relatively new traditional Catholic Colleges of – Christendom – Ave Maria – Wyoming Catholic – Mary Magedelan College and Saint Thomas Aquinas (both west coast and New Hampshire)

The Liturgy is a given, as we already know – in the US alone there now over 500 communities able to express their Faith, adhering to the Traditional Catholic Rite – The job  now and for the past 2 + years, as these communities grow organically by themselves once exposed to the fullness of Truth, has moved to an effort of the lay Faithful and traditional Catholic apostolates to unite them with each other in various ways and with the support of the faithful and traditional Catholic Bishops !

This means the reestablishment of the structures of the ancient Catholic work guilds – the 3rd Orders – Altar Server Societies – Outdoor Rosary Rally Groups -The Legion of Mary and The Militia of the Immaculate – to work “together ” nationally towards authentic Catholic re-education – and for the preparation in apostolates for  the consecration of families, the consecration of  other countries and even of Russia –an authentic restoration !

It has already begun in several sectors

with a Traditional Knights of Columbus organization uniting traditional Knights Councils into one traditional fraternal organization from New England to Florida

with organizations like Tradition Family and Property seeking to penetrate the culture and bring the men back through honor and glory and Truth as seen also in their subsidiary organization TFP Student Action present in many Colleges – and committed to bringing chivalry back to campuses with honorable ways of living

Traditional High Mass photos following the March For Life at Saint Mary’s in DC – amongst the congregation were two bus fulls of Holy Innocents folks, with the Holy Innocents Vox en Roma choir in full throttle

Posted on one of the Holy Innocents sites

The new website is preparing for the Sesquicentennial 150th of Holy Innocents in the fall of this year of our Lord 2016  and sure to be celebrated in traditional Catholic style

A most beautiful spontaneous flashmob occurred

Most Pure Heart of Mary Schola Cantorum suddenly began singing Silent Night at the Church of Saint John Lateran in Rome. Upon entering for the first time the children became overtaken with the beauty of a large traditional Catholic Church -the 2nd Church (the 1st of which they also sang together in unscheduled fashion in their visit ) was Saint Peter in Chains

This named Church I might add  is of a suppressed Feast in the new Rite(Saint Peter in Chains) that cannot have it’s own patronal province Feast celebrated except in the Traditional Rite )

Traditional Sacred music in the Liturgy of the new Rite as mandated by Vatican II continues to be suppressed in the new Rite in both composition and singing

How Well Did They Actually Implement the Vatican II Sacrosanctum Concilium – Scripture in the Mass –

Priests and Liturgists highlight the correct form in the Council documents – on            Novus Motus Liturgicus                                                    

Liturgical abuse occurs regularly with heretical music  – see link to incredible story that has become quite shockingly regular – “Not Your Grandmother’s Creed”                        “

The Bishops of the Diocese of Marquette have just announced that they have a faithful Catholic team establishing the following

  1. Parishes and schools will chant the Ordinary parts in the Roman Missal;
  2. Parishes and schools will chant the Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus Dei from the Missa Jubilate Deo;
  3. Parishes and schools will chant the Communion Antiphon in English to a very simple tone;
  4. A Diocesan Hymnal will be used to ensure the musical quality and doctrinal integrity throughout the Diocese
  5. The Diocesan Director of Sacred Music will provide workshops for parish musicians to assist them in the implementation.

Focus vs. Blur: Multi-Sensory Learning, Motivated Focus, & The Mass: Pt. I – On OnePeterFive

How Does Multi-sensory Learning Theory Help Us Understand the Difference Between a “Complete” Mass and a “Minimal” Mass?

At the heart of it

The same Bishops, not coincidentally, that are calling for Faithful Catholic leaders to help re-Catholicize their Dioceses are the ones ordering the re-centering of the Holy of Holies Tabernacle of the Lord in the Sanctuary and are calling for the slow implementation of Ad Orientum Worship to the Novus Ordo – no more protestantized gathering around an Altar table and holding hands at a happy meal Liturgy and then after holding hands with two strangers potentially in mortal sin you go and take the Body of the Lord from a female lay person into your hands and then drink out of a Chalice that dozens of people are drinking out of in an inner city – Not only are these things not Catholic they are egregious Liturgical abuses that violate both the Old Rite’s Canon Law as well as the new Rite’s Canon Law and the Sacrosanctum Concilium (Constitution on the Liturgy of Vatican II) but the average Catholic refuses to do their own research and or fearlessly confront these Pastors and Bishops that make up the other half of our Church – They are just not there yet – whether it’s Cardinal virtues – courage -fortitude whichever the case may be – no one is condemned just encouraged to educate themselves as to what the Truths are as they can be found …..they are out there waiting for you

The Following Feature article – scanned for your review

In this time of Crisis in the Church what stands in the way of uniting a return back to Catholicism  from the 500 Traditional Rite Communities in the US alone  – distinctly-  it is movements within the Church that believe themselves to be authentically Catholic (even with bi-partisan Vatican support of ideologies supporting the idea of a divided and or segregated Church) that are NOT Catholic or are marginally Catholic and the source of the division of Catholic Restoration

In that same vain is an apologetics article by an author and a scholar Kevin J Symonds who himself was in the heart of it – on the front lines at a place that enabled him to  follow both Charismatic Catholic movement and Traditional Catholicism – having studied both and earned his Masters Degree of Theology at Steubenville he describes for us in detail the Calvinistic theology of the Charismatic Renewal as well as the philosophies of “Naturalism” he confronted that has moved into so many of these new liturgical movements having sprung off the new Rite –

The same is seen with “The Theology of the Body” and it’s entire of school of interpretation and implementation that sprung off the theology of Christopher West’s interpretations of Saint Pope John Paul II’s loose (and private) philosophy writings. Christopher West, admittedly, himself a deviant strayed Catholic, having been exposed since his Catholic reversion only to the Charismatic Renewal and it’s philosophical theologies and it’s un-Catholic understanding of healing

Kevin J Symonds then re-surveys the landscape and sees a devastated vineyard of absence-In a field of denomination changing and false ecumenism in every locale except ! everywhere the Traditional Rite has taken hold This ground is where he finds established families of Faith and Patriarchy – honor- the re-establishment of Catholic decendencies and a return to order.

Full article ~link below~ copyright crediting Christmas issue TLM

Reflections On The Contemporary Situation by Kevin J.Simmonds

We are the last generation that have the ability to turn around the devastation the previous generation caused

Alice Von Hildebrand – renown Catholic author – theologian and wife of the late great Dietrich Von Hildebrand was just interviewed (in a televised interview) and wanted to stress not only the need of the people to return to Traditional Catholicism but repeatedly confirming that the Church has been infiltrated

What does that mean?- That means that one can be in a movement supported by a Priest – a Bishop and or a Vatican official and it could be NOT Catholic and unbeknownst to the untrained eye uniquely contributing to the crisis in the Church that is to be overcome and awaits its full restoration under the title of Christ The King

May the two hearts be with you

Christ The King Twice Burned

 Holy Mass