The Corruption and The Heresy Of The USCB Deepens

Quoted from “Solidarity with Islam? –On Crisis Magazine” is an excerpt from a very fact based article

That the Catholic leadership has not thought very deeply about this “fellowship-in-faith” business is demonstrated by the fact that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ main dialogue partner is the Islamic Society of North America. For the last two decades, the bishops have been seeking greater fellowship with a Muslim Brotherhood front group that was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the nation’s largest terrorist funding case. In his book Catastrophic Failure, Stephen Coughlin makes a convincing case that ISNA and other Muslim Brotherhood groups are simply using the bishops to further their agenda of bringing sharia law to America. And once that happens, Muslims will not be seeking fellowship with Catholics, they will be seeking dominance over them.”

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Officers and Soldiers forced to their knees before the pagan god of allah

Blasphemy: Koran Suras Recited Over the Grave of St. Martin of Tours

The Dominican Jean-François Bour, Head of the Department for Interreligious Dialogue in the   Archdiocese of Tours asked in conclusion for everyone to mutually support each other, to pray for one another and develop a desire “to live with our brothers in a benevolent and honest dialogue”.

How much further away is Sharia law from Britain 10 years – 5 years ?!

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UK: Muslim refugee threatened to cut out his wife’s heart because she had become “too English”

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Whether he will pray to the false pagan god allah with them no one is as of yet certain but we can pray against it

In addition to polygamy (multiple wives and subservience of the female race) at the heart of their belief system it is a religious belief that stems from Polytheism ( the belief in multiple pagan gods) – It’s a crescent moon because for the first 150 years of their apostasy they were worshiping multiple gods – as mohammad himself did not believe in one god. His descendants then chose the moon god as the most powerful one and to become their god- the persecutory religion of the quran is what today’s apostasy has morphed into

When I look at Our Lady of Guadalupe there are two things that always strike me immediately – The Incarnation that the creator is about to enter his own creation in that the Mother of God is with child and that her feet are standing on the crescent moon


“With twelve stars above her head (and on her cope)  and the moon beneath her feet ”

Our Lady of Guadalupe