A Crusade has been initiated by Cardinal Leo Raymond Burke.

(Catholic Action for Faith and Family) to storm Heaven with prayers of Rosary on the first day of each month in union with the holy Mass offered by Cardinal Burke.

This spiritual crusade will unite Catholics in prayers to protect our catholic faith, bring hope throughout the country and the whole world, provide spiritual support, protect families from destruction, and more intentions while signing up at


Catholic Priests make their pledge and join Operation Storm Heaven by clicking  for Mass Pledge.

Catholic Action for Faith and Families is an association founded by McKenna in conjunction with the Cardinal’s support to defend traditional marriage and promote values according to teaching the teach of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Oratory of Christ the King At Saint Anthony of Padua West Orange will offer a solemn high mass in honor of it’s patron St Francis de Sales ( first class in the Institute of Christ the King) on Friday at 7:oopm


For those with high speed Internet access, capable of live streaming video the Latin Mass from Christ the King Chapel (FSSP) in Sarasota Florida at

http://www.livemass.net/LiveMass/day.html for a recording of Sunday Mass


http://www.livemass.net/LiveMass/live.html   for live stream of any Mass happening in the below regular  schedule)

Mass times at this chapel are Sunday 8:30 AM Low Mass (Eastern US time zone) 10:30 AM High Mass (Eastern US time zone) (alternate weeks) Mon – Sat 9:00 AM (Eastern US time zone) Friday and Holy Days, also 6:30 PM

Mass times at Fribourg Switzerland chapel /Sunday 10:00 AM Sung Mass (Swiss time) Mon – Sat 9:00 AM & 6:30 PM (Swiss time)/Friday evenings: Compline after 6:30 Mass/1st Friday: Benediction after 6:30 Mass

Cebu Philippines – A Traditional Rite Pontifical Mass has been announced for the upcoming Eucharistic Congress

Cebu Phillipines Traditional Pontifical Mass For Eucharistic Congress 2016 - Poster

Septuagesima Sunday: Burying the Alleluia

Photographs from the Fraternity of St Joseph the Guardian in La Londe-les-Maures, France on the occasion of the tradition of physically burying the Alleluias and the proscribed prayers for same following the Septuagesima Sunday Vespers as pre-lent in the Traditional Rite begins


Still time to acquire beeswax candles for the home in time for Candlemas – The Purification of the Mother of God and the blessing of same for Tuesday Feb 2nd

Amazon link with expedited shipping available

Catholic Underground for First Saturday Vespers and Holy Hour is on for February 6th

Contemporary music in the Underground Space by the children’s band Pelican 212 to follow

See the Friars web site for more details


First Friday comes to Our Lady of Good Counsel NYC

With the seeds of Catholic Orthodoxy having been planted by Catholic Underground – OLGC will have it’s first all night First Friday

Anyone in the vicinity willing and able should attend to support this move

See color flyer for more details on the link below

OLGC First Friday All Night Vigil

The rumored cancellation of March For Life and the NY Times story that said only hundreds showed up was refuted by successful storm March helicopter photographs which showed pictures of over 50,000 people surrounding the Capital

While no where near the previous year’s 850,000 due to the weather – it converted the NY Times to a propaganda tabloid

Tradition Family And Property led with a contingency of bagpipe – flag- and drum and the carrying of OL of Fatima

See you tube video of same

and further aerial shots and NY Times refutation by Life Site News wire here


The most amazing story of over ten buses of March for Life Pilgrims trapped on the closed PA Turnpike for over 24 hours – running out of fuel and water with Sioux City Iowa Priests building an Altar of ice and snow on the Highway to offer outdoor Mass – -can be found here


In Apologetics News !

With  the propaganda and politicians lies continuing Dr Anne Barbeau Gardiner, Professor Emeritus of the Dept of English atnd John Jay College illustrates, in this article for Latin Mass Magazine, why and how “The spirit of the Inquisition” needs to be brought back for the politicians as political tests of choosing and electing an official  – and how the post reformation era greatly contributed to the on-going problem

4 page article in adobe acrobat pdf scanned to the following link ~inset~

Inquisition Tests In History For Politicians For Restoration

2016 March For Life Success – double click for higher res

March For Life 2016 Success