Knights in armor from 1st to 4th honored degrees – as well as women and children of all ages  -all armed with powerful swords of the spirit, with  Truth and Justice – The invading army is over a three quarters of a million people – If it were not a peaceful demonstration – no police force could stop it’s overtake of the Justice Buildings – there would need to be an armored military division equivalent to several Roman legions

On the Occasion of the 43rd Counter -attack to defend babies and families

Fighting Abortion at its Core: A Call for a Return to Order -On Tradition, Family, and Property

The Return To Order discusses the role of the Traditional family and traditional Catholic families in united apostolates in orthodox fashion as the primary source of Restoration of the Faith and the land – Last year we had the privilege of attending a talk and book signing by the author and TFP apostolate leader John Horvat II near Willmington, DE

It should be noted that the success of the March for Life was largely a traditional Catholic movement of united lay faithful that was largely hindered and fought against for many years behind the scenes by the American Catholic Bishops and of course the total black out of the mainstream media – only being addressed formally for the first time this year (see next article )

The TFP legion behind tall flag – bagpipe and drum will be near the forefront for sure – But the lead in this year’s March will be given to the Lutheran youth in keeping with the new push by the Catholic hierarchy to make this 500th Anniversary of the apostate ex-Catholic priest, in making Lutheranism somehow part of Catholicism

The hatred that Martin Luther, and the German Lutheran church in general, had for Catholics – for hundreds of years, was unprecedented

Unlike the Church of England (Anglicanism /Episcopalianism) that was not very well accepted on an international level nor was John Calvin’s presbyterianism anything more than a philosophical mind  of ideologies that sought to infiltrate the thinking of the Catholic Church, the motus oporandi of Lutheranism was always to directly and publicly oppose the Catholic Church to it’s face

Some of Luther’s thesis and polemics against the Catholic Church were re-published recently in various places – very little of which is re-publishable here due to the regular and repeated obscenity that Martin Luther  and his new religion organizers routinely spewed- A story for another day – God willing


If this becomes the first year that the Catholic March For Life Begins To Be Infiltrated by The Establishment Catholic Church and the new post conciliar –syncretistic agenda – it has yet be proven out As we, at this point, (pending a postmortem of tomorrow’s event,)  can only pray against it

There has already been a serious reduction seen (in the past several years of the protest Marches ) of the regular visibility of the evils of contraception – as well as it’s education- and literature distribution at the event.

Anyone that knows the history and the relationship of Abortion to Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition knows that it not only goes all the way through to the post French revolution –  post US civil war era of a crescending push of the sexual revolution into the world from the base of the United States but knows that …………ground zero on this issue is contraception and abortifacients !

I have read more than several an orthodox presented text book on the Catholic Social teaching(s) on the history of the Abortion battle but none of them are able to accomplish a summary of what took weeks of reading & research (including the Griswold and Baird cases) in what Michael Voris, most impressively, was able to sum up “the history of” and it’s trajectory within ten minutes ! in this video episode – wow


In breaking news – A coalition of pro-life groups has united  to nationally expose the propaganda of the media in demanding that the mainstream media fairly cover the March for Life.

Pro-Life Groups Demand Mainstream Media Finally Bother to Cover the March for Life |

While A New Poll Shows Millennials are Pro-Life By Majority  | On Students for Life

A Geo-Survey of over 180 Catholic Colleges Finds Planned Parenthood Having Built Mills Within Walking Distance Of  Half Of Them

Therefore it is truly a war of both unseen forces from the other realm and those materialized against the Incarnate

But this war may not be televised – even as it rages

The evil opposition may appear ominous but our army – as in the days of old – they will hear even before they see us ascend ‘the hill’

March For Life _001

While the prince of this world may even be able to arrange adverse weather we will not be taken aback by cold – or snow or frost – These children had no such choices at being able to fight for their own freedom

Remember the Braveheart speech on the battle field of William Wallace with tyranny and corruption amassed from within and without against them And if we could gather up all the days from this day until our last we would not trade this day, in whatever adversities comes for us to endure, for anything in the world

We will remember the Psalmist in Psalm 46 ‘God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns. ‘