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Bishop Robert Finn is poised to strip the National Catholic Reporter of their Catholic status as well as the title/word Catholic and it’s association with the Catholic Church

Bishop Finn To The National Catholic Reporter…Stop Calling Yourself Catholic!

The Establishment Media Is Failing the Faithful

A truly objective Catholic media can’t be beholden to the hierarchy as is EWTN

Out of all the major Catholic news outlets, only a few token stories were published on the Fr. Peter Miqueli scandal. Some outfits, like highly prominent EWTN, haven’t published anything at all.

Excellent archive episode of Mic’d Up’ The Dissident Catholic Media : Mic’d Up (2/4) – On YouTube

The actions of Santa Fe’s new archbishop granting an interview with National Catholic Reporter in April 2015 can be deemed heretical

As well as the very dissident Bishop Blaise Cupich in June

and Cardinal Wuerl in October

A basic who’s who list of high ranking prelates in complete dissidence

NCR openly promotes women in the Priesthood – Lesbian and Gay relationships to be so called “normalized “ as well as the promotion of contraception programs and proposed “partnering” with Planned Parenthood

Does anyone think that NCR will have a booth or a point of presence at the March for Life or will yet another article on misguided Catholics be published for the world to see amidst the sinful silence of our Catholic Bishops ?!


As some will remember the Faithful Churches, such as Saint Norbert Catholic Church in WI, and similar fearless apostolates web sites published

60 Issues the Establishment Catholic Media Will Not Touch – COMPLETE LIST

How many Catholics realize that not only was “Communion in the hand” something that was never officially decreed by the Catholic Church or in any Vatican II document but neither was lay people drinking from the Chalice

It was the personal program of a progressive ecumenism by the American Bishops and until the recent post- conciliar era of the Church never before seen in the Catholic Church

Where then did it come from ?!– two words – John _Calvin – “The predestined will drink the blood of the Jesus” and the egalitarian prophesy of Calvinism that soon became the political mantra of the pre-French revolution days of the Catholic suppression “Priests are man made and equal to the people” ?!

What most do not realize is the work of the “Ordained” Holy Catholic Priest whose hands are given power through an unbroken apostolic succession HE –  mingles the bread and the wine ‘en persona Christi’ to make for us the Blood of Christ present within the Body of Christ

But to the unread Catholic it’s all the same. Most local Catholic Churches do not realize their role as contributors to “the philosophies of dissidence” of the US Bishops via their publishing arms like NCR and EWTN as the contagion is spread through the rest of the world – obviating the need for an “Office of the Holy See” or the Vatican Press office -as the new “establishment Catholic Church” comes to reign, behind their media, as echoed in Marshall McLuhan’s mantra that became the religion of most college universities “The Medium Is The Message”

While there are many good things on an EWTN , there are many very bad things side by side with it.

While Raymond Arroyo’s show promoted an unprecedented vocal element of abortion protest (some say expectedly predictable as the National Right to Life issues have come into eclipse) and while EWTN always marginally supported the March for Life there was and still is very little depth to the real issues and the many Faithful Catholic apostolates deep into the tarmac of the battle

On Thursday evening immediately following Raymond Arroyo’s news program EWTN Nightly News (which many say is absolutely no different from any secular news outlet in it’s perspectives ) began within seconds of the former and leading off with an Interview with the USCB’s lead dissident, rebellious, and embattled charity CRS – (Catholic Relief Services) – – This apostolate pushes’ wheel barrels full of money into pro Contraception and abortion friendly sister charities led via the collections of the Bishops Annual Appeals

To the shock of my family, the two stories ran within five minutes of one another obviously created by two very different Producers –

And the two worlds come front and center side by side in our face as if they are both reconcilable with each other

When False Ecumenism Meets Judgement

When False Ecumenism Meets Judgement