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Catholics now argue all the time because we can’t even agree on what we believe.

Isn’t it imperative that we sort this out? Wouldn’t you be a bit frustrated if you took the red pill and woke up, so to speak, in the Catholic Matrix, and realized that you and everyone you know had been tricked into thinking that the Catholicism they experience is the real thing? What if you had proof that it wasn’t? I mean, documents and history books and theological manuals and encyclicals and devotional handbooks and photographs and even videos…all of it. But what if, even then, your every effort to get them to see it was met with at best indifference, and at worst, contempt?


Ross Douthat, Excellent Review by Fr. Richard Cipolla – Church Crisis, the True Battle, and Sacred Liturgy


Papal plans gear up for Martin Luther Protestant Anniversary with a Lutheran Catholic Federation as the false ecumenism become all the “new Church of nice rage”

Important – Lutheran World Federation, Pontifical Council for Christian Unity launch “Common Prayer” service extolling Martin Luther and the Reformation


Am apropos quote from the great Catholic theologian G.K. Chesterton 1930s

“The protestant theology of Martin Luther was a thing that now no modern protestant would be seen dead in a field with : or if the charge be too flippant, would be specially anxious not to touch with a ten foot barge pole. That protestantism was pessimistic , it was nothing but bare insistence on the hopelessness of all human virtue , as an attempt to escape hell. That Lutheranism is quite unreal ; more modern phases of Lutheranism are rather more unreal , but Luther was not unreal – He was one of those great elemental barbarians , to whom it is indeed given to change the world. To compare the two buking figures of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther so big in history, in any philosophical sense would of course be futile and even unfair – On a great map like the mind of Aquinas, the mind of Luther would be almost invisible .”

But that of course is NOT what they have come to make the  masses of the people believe

Pope Francis illustrates to the world ,  the theological critics and to the charges of a “violation of Infallible Catholicism” that what is really “Infallible” is the consensus of the Catholic Faithful – their democratic consensus IS the sensus fidelium , he proclaimed, this is the new Infallibility !

The Upturned Church of Pope Bergoglio


So if he cannot accomplish on his own, the liberalizing renovation attempts of the Catholic Church and the completion of the destructive implementation of Vatican II he will turn the power over to each individual dicastry to do so

The next Synod will debate the viability of completing the conversion of the Catholic Church to a full republic, a democracy – There are currently three major proposal writers hard at work preparing the next Interim draft report. But what will come after the new Church creates a Catholic democracy

What Comes after Democracy? by Atila Sinke Guimaraes


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The Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith – The CDF himself -Cardinal Muller in the second highest position in the Catholic Church- the former Office of the Holy See and before that the Prefector of the Holy Office of the Inquisition was interviewed

Published in several German (Dei Zeit) and Italian publications the CDF was interviewed with the following questions about out Pontiff

Posed by the German Catholic Theologians to To Cardinal Muller

With many of the regular Catholic theologians – not of any group or sect asking the following questions of the Prefect

” If many of the exhortations and statements in Papal proclamations are, as the charge of many Catholic theologians goes, are heretical – if even one of them are substantiated , does that make the current Pope a heretic “? =- Formal question to the CDF – and his response

“No the Pope is not a heretic and here is why – A heretic in the theological definition, is a Catholic who denies obstinately a revealed truth proposed by the Church that they are obliged to believe.

He defended the Pope by saying “There is a dichotomy between heresy and orthodoxy to which there are many gradations between There is a grey area which theologians have explored with precision between black (open heresy) and white (complete orthodoxy)”

Therefore although the Pope has often times expressed heretical viewpoints he cannot be considered a formal material heretic – full stop

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Reference interview


In defense of the Pontiff -“But He Didn’t Preach Explicit Heresy? Catholic Family News


Tierra and Throne – photo inset

As the  psalmist cries out to a priestly race of people  “O where O Lord is your earthly King”

Tierra and Throne