The story re-began right before Christmas day when George Pickering discovered they declared his very alive son to be Brian dead – once his Son’s ex-wife wrote the patient off as an Organ Donor the Hospital began to move fast to harvest him

His Dad realizing they were going to unplug his Son that night exercises his 2nd amendment right and defends the bedside of his son by gunpoint until additional tests could be done to determine that he was not dead

Dad Takes Gun To Hospital To Protect His ‘Brain Dead’ Son From Being Taken Off Life Support

He lived and survived their Brain Dead sentence – His Dad will do 67 days in jail but his son will live

This is a case enough for the American Tradition Family and Property right to bear arms to protect our families and our homes as it WILL come to this

The nonsense of gun control legislation is really a systematic program to slowly disarm the American people as we begin the switch to Socialism and a large and growingly powerful Central Government and Federal Court begins to de-power the legislative rights of State governments before the coming complete US Economy crash arrives, potentially, before the projected end of 2017 –

A good synopsis is seen in an article by Austin Rose on Crisis Magazine “Today I Bought a Gun” Jan 1st 2016

As well as the excellent archive article -“Armed and Unharmed” on TFP

In another case where a person was forced to beg to be able to live once the Organ Harvesters have set target on an expensive body part against a patient with no legal protection and more importantly no insurance

A Tragic Case of Modern Bioethics: Denying Life-Sustaining Treatment to a Patient Who Wanted to Live | On Public Discourse January 7th 2016

In Breaking New Jersey Euthanasia News ! – NJ Kills Dangerous Bill That Would Have Made It 5th State to Legalize Assisted Suicide | January 12th 2016

On Nov 30th 2015 The Nevada Supreme Court stepped in to protect Aden Hailu who was slated for harvesting

While the NV State Supreme Court takes on these issues, Aden is alive and needs treatment and care. Please help to find doctors and a hospital that will treat Aden.

We must pray to find ways to protect our children and our families from Doctors and the billion dollar harvest machine

A Belgian Archbishop fights alone as he seeks euthanasia opt-out for his Catholic hospitals being forced into the harvesting business in Belgium | Deseret News | January 12th 2016

Euthanasia Activist Exploits David Bowie’s Death to Promote Assisted Suicide |

The Case of the Vanished Euthanasia Files ( All of the legally required archives on Euthanasia have been and continue to be destroyed as in the plot of an apocalyptic science fiction movie coming into real life ) -News | American Life League


Legally they are trying to define “PERSONHOOD” and revoke natural law and proscribe their defintions and criteria as to when life begins and when life ends

This is why the defense against Euthanasia and the Organ harvesting business IS THE SAME ISSUE as Abortion and the Contraception/Abortifacient chemical plants business – one in the same

See American Life League’s “Strategy and Analysis of Strategic Concepts – Euthanasia “ for the direct inter-dependencies

What is preventing the majority of able body American men from educating themselves to these issues and get off their couches and away from their protestantized Church of nice big band worship services and become Orthopraxic Knights in the fight and defend the women and children       

Here is an article on Catholic Culture saying just that

In the war on family life, why are most American men neutral observers? | Catholic Culture

7 reasons you should attend March for Life | On LifeSite – (Hint one of them is euthanasia )

What else can you do about it?!

Write the Bishops ! Not only yours/ours but the defiant ones as well

Bishop Thomas Paprocki Illinois will back you up – He says (unlike the outrageously rebellious Cardinal Donald Wuerl) that Holy Communion MUST BE denied to Catholic politicians that support Abortion AND Euthanasia

Pro-Life Healthcare Alliance, a branch of Human Life Alliance can help protect you with activists – information and a legal team

Your “refusal” for organ donation must be OFFICIALLY documented –Checking or unchecking the box on your DMV Drivers Licesne or registration renewal will not help There are laws in many states NJ included that says you ARE LEGALLY an organ donor by default now unless you legally opt out

If you go in to the Hospital in critical condition or after a serious car accident – they will claim that you are not in correct state of mind to opt out and you will be gone to the other world just like that

Life Guardian Foundation   To Protect and Preserve Life

And moreover – primarily “Educate yourself”

Learn why brain death –that was invented by Harvard business men in the medical profession several years before Roe vs Wade is not True Death and how it violates the infallible Catholic definitions of where and how Life begins and ends

A most excellent introductory four part instructional series by Dr Paul Byrne on You Tube

Dr. Paul R. Byrne is a Long Island native, growing up in Suffolk County. He has a Bachelors degree from Cornell University and his Medical Doctorate from the State University of New York @ Syracuse. His post graduate training was in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola , New York. His primary role is a practicing physician. He currently is involved to varying degrees in medical education, particularly in the education of resident physicians from Winthrop University Hospital, Nassau University Medical Center and South Nassau Communities Hospital, as well as medical students from NYCOM and Stony Brook and nursing students from a variety of local programs. His specialties involve complete obstetric care, including patients with high risk pregnancies, as well as complete  gynecologic care including both in office and in hospital care.He currently maintains membership with: ACOG, MSSNY, AIUM, AAGL. Dr. Byrne is married with four children.

Do not reference the National Catholic Bioethics Center in the US !– like the USCB unfortunately they are in business with the government and have been compromised – They have let them put the pod in the basement – drank the kool-aid – whatever Orwellian analogy you wish to use – it has happened there –

It is exactly like in the 1978 classic movie “ Coma” with Michael Douglas Worthy of a family movie watch see the trailer as a refresher on Amazon instant video – Our family enjoyed this one in the midst of our research on the topic

Although we have reached an age where Faithful Catholics are being called to rise up and defend themselves, their families and the women and children from the establishment Catholic Church – we are not alone – There are brave lone wolves Bishops and Priests that we can align ourselves with that are willing to defend the Truth at great personal cost

Last year the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner, issued a strong statement of opposition to the brain death definition of death. Responding to public debate in Germany on the subject. Cardinal Meisner spoke out in unmistakable terms: The identification of brain death with the death of the human being is from a Christian viewpoint, at the present stand of the debate, no longer defensible. A human being cannot any longer be reduced to his brain function. Therefore it can neither be said that brain death is death, nor that it is a sign of death. Moreover, brain death is not the time of death. . . . All deliberations about organ donation therefore have to presuppose that the human being in whom “brain death” has been determined, according to the rules of medical science, is still alive.

While the Pontifical Academy continues to investigate the means of determining the precise moment at which the diagnosis of death can be accurately made, we must pray.

Pray not to to a false divine-ecumenical-low-Sunday-mercy but do reparation and prayer to the Sacred Bleeding Heart Of Jesus – in union with the Sorrowful Immaculate Heart of Mary that are both very much on fire for the return of souls to the one True Trinitarian Eucharistic Body of Christ without which there is no salvation

Two hearts _003

Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus