The Catholic Church is Dominated by an Aberrosexual Clergy- Michael Voris Investigative Expose’ Draws Attention From Traditional Catholic Media – Even His Detractors

Half of Priests and Bishops Are Gay | The Vortex Episiode (Breaking) With Statistics and Evidence Down To The Seminaries

Voris challenges the Bishophric class to clean up the aberrosexual situations and scandals in the clergy or CMTV will do it for them through the pressure of the new public Catholic Media –

And now hundreds of thousands of people in the Church are watching this play out- as he begins to rock the main stream Catholic media out of business due to the exposing of their propaganda and lack of objectivity

As seen here in this You Tube –Video Highlight of Mic’d Up Of One Hour Premium Episode

Gay-Friendly Priest to Speak at 51st Eucharistic Congress

The Eponymous Flower Reports – Cardinal Ravasi Gives Laudatory Farewell to Lifelong Occultist

Just in time for Voris’ recent accusation comes this.  Cardinal Ravasi has enjoyed the uncritical patronage of Pope Francis, and  has also been in a significant position for a while, notably as the head of the Pontifical Council of Culture and President of the Synod of Bishops where he undermined the sacrament of marriage.   He is also a bit of an occultist himself.
Now he’s made this tweet on behalf of the late David Jones aka David Bowie

The Authentic Catholic Reflection Of What It Must Be Like Imagining David Bowie in Hell – On OnePeterFive

Msgr. George Rutler Pastor Of Saint Michaels NYC and former Pastor of Holy innocents NYC writing for Crisis Catholic Journal in more diplomatic fashion details the latest errors of the Vatican

“Christ was a carpenter and his apostles were mostly fishermen and none of them was what is called today a “metrosexual.” I am not sure what that term fully means, but it excludes anyone who weeps for paragons of degeneracy and paladins of vice.”

A Misplaced Grief: The Vatican and David Bowie – On Crisis Magazine – link below

The hard hitting CMTV Follow Up –

Sift Them Like Wheat – “Satan has attacked the priesthood and episcopacy with homosexuality”

In Breaking News From CEBU, Philippines ( – Father Timothy Radcliffe, O.P., who once called gay sexuality “eucharistic,” will kick off the 51st annual Eucharistic Congress as its first speaker. Held in the Philippines this year, the Congress will also include New York’s Cdl. Timothy Dolan, Bp. Robert Barron and Cdl. Oswald Gracias, another gay-friendly Churchman.

Situation Breaks Open In The German Catholic Church Amid The Migrants

Berlin Archbishop Visits Center for Aberrosexual Migrants

Lesbian and Gay Association Berlin-Brandenburg: Archbishop wanted to check in a personal conversation about the situation of homosexual and transgender refugees – They are confronted with violence in their lodgings even in Germany.

Berlin ( The new German capital’s new Catholic bishop, Heiner Koch visited a center for migrants, lesbians and gays (MILES) on Thursday in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Here, the Archbishop wanted to check in with a personal conversation on the situation of homosexual and transgender refugees, said the Lesbian and Gay Association Berlin-Brandenburg (LSVD). They are confronted by violence in their lodgings, even in Germany.

Anglican Agonistes: a breakup in the works? | LifeSite

Anglican communion’s ‘bitter divide’ over gay rights – BBC News

“THE” RESOURCE AND GUIDE !! On The Authentic Teachings Of The Catholic Church on Homosexuality Throughout The Centuries

We all know that there is a continuing radical secular sexual revolution going on in both the world and the Church

If you wish to know the exacts sources of the Papal Documents The Teachings Of the Saints throughout antiquity as well as the Sacred Scripture and Scriptural Exegesis

This is THE corrective document

In a book written by Attila Sinke Gummares – In The Murky Waters of Vatican II – In a book that gives specific reference to the teachings and the sources that contributed to the tragic rise of this deviant revolution in the Church He sites specific Vatican II documents – citing reference to modern phycology and personal conscience and the heretical sources and cites the specific contradictions with authentic infallible Catholicism

I took the liberty of copying and scanning the whole Chapter –

Without copyright approval but giving credits to the author for the sole purpose of the Love of Truth towards the saving of Souls – our only intention and driving force as we Servants of the Son of the Mother of God please find same forthwith ~attached~ at the link below here >

The Position of The Catholic Tradition and Scripture Regarding Homosexuality – Atila Sinke Gumares

May God help our Holy Roman Catholic Church

Catholic Knight In Battle