This upcoming Wednesday January 13th is a Feast of the product of the merged Gregorian (lunar calendar) and the Julian calendar ( of fixed dates) The Baptism of The Lord –  A double first class Feast day celebrated in white

It was affixed to this date in another millennium and the majority of Saints known to us celebrated it on the 13th

This past Sunday the Traditional Rite celebrated the Feast of the Holy Family and with the end of Advent came the end of the Liturgical calendars in synch and the return to the Novus Ordo calendrical chaos

If you are like us and still try to hold to some of the vestiges of the Novus Ordo such as daily praying the Divine Offices of the Liturgy of the Hours which was proudly put together by the conservative elements of the Post Vatican II congregation (with the exception of the personal reflection prayers that most of us omit due their lack of orthodoxy)

It is at this time of the year that the New Rite, somewhat offensively, goes back to what they call Ordinary time – removes all the Christmas decorations in the majority of parishes and adorns green Altar linens and green vestments

As the secular west is not very much different culturally than communism we fight all of it’s protestantizing and paganizing

Their materialism Christmas starts even before Thanksgiving while we begin to prepare for Advent. While we are in full Christmas season until January 13th and the extended Christmas tide until Candlemas (the Purification of the Mother of God) on February 2nd some communities all the way till Septuagesima Sunday

Keep your Christmas lights lit and your tree up until at least the preparation of the Purification –  The season of the Christ-Mass will turn to the Candle-Mass (Use traditional blessed bees wax candles (and put your requests in for them now …usually two sets will get you through the Liturgical year at home) use them for praying the Offices or the Family Rosary -when receiving visitors to pray over the sick – or pre- and post-pregnancy visits by the Priest for them or for the dying or for bringing to the cemetery for Vigils and Offices of the Dead over the grave and what was previously torch and bagpipe

Processing to the grave on the anniversary of their passing via torchlight and bagpipes and praying to the Dead in heaven for their intercession for our dead and praying the Office of the Dead is now outlawed tunes over outlawed pipes considered spooky pre-Vatican II Catholicism stuff by most dicastries

I would recommend doing what both ourselves and a growing community of 3rd Order and lay folks do – switch to the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary at this time– It goes from now until the last office of the Vigil of Septuagesima Sunday where the last Alleluias are prayed at which time we all move to the Lenten section

It is likewise punctuated by the sheer beauty in that every Traditional Catholic apostolate, Oratory and functionary ends Holy Mass from the Vespers of First Advent to the of First Vespers of Septuagesima with the chanting of the Alma Redemptoris Mater

Here it is with lyrics sung by a small legion of Men’s Schola having come home from battles in their encounter with the fine curtain between this world and the other world


Here is another gent solo’ing the Liturgy’s end

And with that end c0mes pre-lent

The new Rite has suppressed this much needed pre-lenten mortification and is on board with the protestantizing & shortening of the seasons and or their abolishment – the Michelams Natural Season – The full Christmastide Season – The full Pre-Lent- Lenten Season of 70 days and The Season of Pentecost that runs all the way until the Vigil of All Saints Day

This year Lent/Easter season comes early (not it’s earliest available date in the spectrum but early)

Dominica Circumdederunt

Septuagesima is the ninth Sunday before Easter, the third before Lent which puts the start of Ash Wednesday,  for this year , on February 10th – Less than one month

Captivity of seventy years, would have it begin with this aforementioned Sunday on which the Sacramentaries and Antiphonaries give the Introit “Circumdederunt me undique” and end with the Saturday after Easter, when the Church chants together “Eduxit Dominus populum suum.”

Having exhorted us to penance in the Introit of the Mass, the Church desires to indicate to us, by reading this epistle, the effort we should make to reach the kingdom of heaven by the narrow path (Matt. VII. 13.) of penance and mortification.

This pre-lent season 70 days out from Easter begins this day on January the 24th which would have been (on either the night before/ the 23rd  ) or the 3rd Sunday after Epiphany or it would have been, if having fallen on a different day other than Sunday, the Memorial of Saint Raymond of Penafort – The Dominican theologian and 3rd General Superior of the Order and heavy weight author who, in apropos fashion, was the Canon Law specialist who wrote the Summa on Penance – His relocated Memorial was just celebrated in the new Rite on January 7th

Septuagesima Sunday – Dominica in Septuagesima – Missa ‘Circumdederunt Me’ From The TLM Communities of Maryland

As a consequence so then begins ( as the lunar aspect of the Gregorian Church calendar dictates)  “Carinvale’ Season” all over the world and goes all the way to Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday- “Carne” = the last of the meat -‘en vale’

We abstain from meat year round on Fridays but in Lent we formally add Wednesday’s and attempt in the other days of the season of Lent to reduce our overall meat and rich foods content

As Carnivale continues to grow bigger and bigger throughout the world. while the various countries continue to abandon Catholicism and turn to various forms of protestantized paganism, it is remembered that as Corpus Christi is part of Church sanctioned outdoor processions and feasts this was unsanctioned folklore that the Church (since the 7th century)  did not attempt to suppress since the majority of the world was entrenched in pagan folklore and the Church sought to convert them through the concept of the inner sanctum of going deeper

Protestant assemblies never understand why the Catholic Church’s lands and surrounding communities allowed these outlandish festivals up to Shrove (Fat) Tuesday but maybe now they will. The inner Church will always be there alongside the outer Church that partners with the hordes of the carnivale’ the fortune tellers – the butchers – and the sweet shops- the potions to kill the babies in the womb and the selling of women – as a commodities- As the Church sings the Chant can be heard from within – “Many are called but few are chosen ”

Some things will not change until the Reign Of Christ the King is fully enacted and the Consecrations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary are done properly

On the 24th of January we’ll go to dark Violet vestments – bright green Liturgical vestments and linens are put away – alleluias are omitted from the Prayer Offices & the Masses and solemn chants are introduced

For these upcoming Feasts that we prepare for,  Catholics previously came out in the millions

Now they come out for the resurgence of Carnivale’ paganism

This is what the crowds in various countries looked like for major Catholic Feasts now the turn out is  for hedonistic exorcises of Carnivale’ , centered in lustful shock entertainment

Look at what the Capital of the Brazilian State of Bahia, in the largest Catholic country in the world looks like today at Carnivale !- (double click for high res)

Carnivale Season-Bloco_da_camisinha_circuito_Campo_Grande_Salvador

And there is the Roman and Greek theatre history and the original of Puppet theatres,  and the masquerade mocking of the Elite classes find their origin here

It is acceptable to attend theatre in this season that right sizes the moral values and focuses on the resurgence of Traditional Catholic media and production companies


The Philippines understand this and there are no more grand carnivals since the dissolution of the Manila Carnival after 1939, the last major carnival in the country

For this past Saturday, in Manilla, over ONE MILLION people turned out for the Procession of the Black Nazarene

Over one million Filipino Catholics celebrate Black Nazarene under tight security

Philippine Catholics Searching For Miracles Join Huge Procession In Manila

What does this mean ?– It means there are two growing opposing worlds running in parallel in both this world and the other world in the same way that there are two Churches within the Catholic Church – one seeking conformity with the world and one attempting to show the way through authentic Catholicism and the rejection of this world

Ave Maria