The Establishment Church of the new radical liberal majority is dead set against authentic Catholic Tradition and a fierce battle is being waged in all sectors It is so true that many of the ordained “hate” tradition and it’s resurgence with vigor – CMTV Episode 8min video

Ecumenism: An Essay by Don Pietro Leone For the anniversary of Mortalium Animos by Pius XI, issued on the Feast of the Epiphany in 1928

Bishop Gullickson Apostolic Nuncio to Switzerland, gives a full disquisition that serves as apologetics debunking  Pope Francis new theology on Marriage and Communion

Our Pontiff – Pope Francis is clearly in trouble and we should all remember him in our prayers every day of the week –Whether what he is doing is intentional or unintentional there is growing need to increase Priests – Apologists and Professional Catholic writers to debunk what he is saying on a weekly and sometimes daily basis

The quantity of heterodox theology and heretical statements that he makes require a staff to keep up with so that when the traditional faithful search or look up the correct- corrected Catholic teaching they have a similarly dated source material – this is critical to the longer term survival of the Roman Catholic Church.

In Pope Francis I’s  latest salvo – He proclaims the 2nd blasphemous attack  against our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of his Pontificate– Putting forth that in the years where God walked earth he also sinned and needed forgiveness

The exact transcript substantiating these words in his Homily is found here on the Vatican site – Vatican Radio

In Catholic theology , doctrine and dogma there are various classes of deviancy and error

  1. There is heterodoxy which does not square with Catholic teaching
  2. There is heresy and or heretical statements and theology when a rebellious and sinful statement is made or propagated ( i.e. abortion is acceptable is certain circumstances – euthanasia is ok if the person is within weeks of dying etc…)
  3. Then there is Apostasy – rebelliousness and/or deviancy against required elements of Doctrine and/or Church law ( i.e. Not going to Mass every Sunday is not breaking any Covenant – People of other religions need not convert in order to get to heaven and can achieve eternity if they remain good people Faithful to their current traditions etc……and or encouraging non-Catholics to participate in Catholic Sacraments ..etc..)
  4. Then there is full blasphemy – Sins against the Holy Ghost are the most grievous sort and/or attacks against the name and or the person of our Savior Jesus Christ ( …claiming God is something He is not or claiming God is not something that He is ….i.e the Jehovah’s Witnesses) It is even a term and classification in which the islamicists grasp the gravity and significance of

So far there have been two blasphemous statements in this Pontificate – Apostasy has exceeded a dozen instances – Heresy has become part of weekly statements and heterodox teachings on a daily basis

Even God Needs Mercy? A Troubling Homily by Pope Francis- A Remnant Newspaper Posting by Father Brian Harrison who debunks the latest Pope Francis Heresy

Cardinal Burke calls final synod doc on Marriage ‘deceptive in a serious way’

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Contrasted With Truth Of Today’s Epiphany

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Truth of Jesus Christ Our Savior and the the Higher Rank of Epiphany over Christmas Feasts – Reading from today’s Divine Office From a sermon by Saint Proclus of Constantinople, bishop
The waters are made holy

Christ appeared in the world, and, bringing beauty out of disarray, gave it luster and joy. He bore the world’s sin and crushed the world’s enemy. He sanctified the fountains of waters and enlightened the minds of men. Into the fabric of miracles he interwove ever greater miracles.

For on this day land and sea share between them the grace of the Savior, and the whole world is filled with joy. Today’s feast of the Epiphany manifests even more wonders than the feast of Christmas.

On the feast of the Savior’s birth, the earth rejoiced because it bore the Lord in a manger; but on today’s feast of the Epiphany it is the sea that is glad and leaps for joy; the sea is glad because it receives the blessing of holiness in the river Jordan.

At Christmas we saw a weak baby, giving proof of our weakness. In today’s feast, we see a perfect man, hinting at the perfect Son who proceeds from the all-perfect Father. At Christmas the King puts on the royal robe of his body; at Epiphany the very source enfolds and, as it were, clothes the river.

Come then and see new and astounding miracles: the Sun of righteousness washing in the Jordan, fire immersed in water, God sanctified by the ministry of man.

Today every creature shouts in resounding song: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Blessed is he who comes in every age, for this is not his first coming.

And who is he? Tell us more clearly, I beg you, blessed David: The Lord is God and has shone upon us. David is not alone in prophesying this; the apostle Paul adds his own witness, saying: The grace of God has appeared bringing salvation for all men, and instructing us. Not for some men, but for all. To Jews and Greeks alike God bestows salvation through baptism, offering baptism as a common grace for all.

Come, consider this new and wonderful deluge, greater and more important than the flood of Noah’s day. Then the water of the flood destroyed the human race, but now the water of baptism has recalled the dead to life by the power of the one who was baptized. In the days of the flood the dove with an olive branch in its beak foreshadowed the fragrance of the good odor of Christ the Lord; now the Holy Spirit, coming in the likeness of a dove, reveals the Lord of mercy.

The rubrics and prayers of the Blessing of The Epiphany Water and The House Blessings With The Blessed Chalk

Our Queen Presents God Incarnate to Three Zoroastrian Kings of Eastern paganism that converted in one evening