With most of us having celebrated the Feast of the Most Holy Name Of Jesus this past Sunday we look forward with reverence to the festivities of tomorrow evening of the Epiphany of Our Lord 

The Holy Name of Jesus was instituted by Pope Sixtus V in the years following the Council of Trent and was promoted by Saint Bernardino of Siena as a defense against the evils of Sodomy and the rebelliousness of the Jewish peoples against Christianity and was ordered to be celebrated on the Sunday between the Circumcision of Our Lord and Epiphany

With Pope Emeritus exhortation still in effect on true ecumenism being that if we wish the Eastern Orthodox to attend one of our High Liturgies and one day become a new Ordinate extension of a recognized Catholic Rite we should attend one of theirs on the Feast of Epiphany on January 6th or in some provinces of the East in the morning of the 7th and especially if there is no high traditional latin rite liturgy for Epiphany in your area

Be advised that these are the Churches of “The Great Schism of 1054AD” between eastern and western Rite Churches – The Eastern liturgical Christians of this split are permitted to receive Holy Communion in a Roman Catholic Church based on the discretion of their own Ordinary but not us in theirs – This however is NOT extended to those calling themselves Eastern Orthodox but in fact being part of the Syrian -Egyptian Armenian (and some strains of greek) miaphysitism that split from the Church in the heresies of 431AD otherwise known as “Oriental Orthodox”

The following High Masses in the Traditional Western Rite can be found as follows

High Mass in Maywood , NJ at 7:30pm with Father Don Grinco Charez and Choir

~See flyer of the link ~

Feast Mass Of Epiphany – OL Queen Of Peace – Maywood NJ

At the Shrine Church of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel NY on 115th Street at 7:00pm with Father Christopher Salvatore 

~Flyer below~

Epiphany At Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Shrine 2015

At the Oratory of Christ the King at 9:00am with Canon Jean Moreau

At Holy Innocents NYC at 6:00pm with Father Leonard Villa

Holy Innocents 2014_a

The rubrics are as follows

It must occur on the fixed date of January 6th/evening 7th morning — There should be blessing of the new Epiphany Holy Water to take home along with the blessing of the chalk at the mark- Following the Liturgy everyone is to mark the date marks of Easter on or preferably over all the doors of their house or apartment foot sills

In Connecticut News -you may have missed in the Fall of 2015, a small group of Franciscan Friars of the Immaculata at the Friary of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Griswold, Conn have been building a three story stone bell tower for almost ten years now and as of the fall of 2015 the project was nearing final stages

They will now mark it at the bell


9 minute video of CMTV – A year for challenging the establishment (not just US Govt but the US Church )

Donald Trump is ruffling many feathers as he continues to challenge the radical liberal chaos of the government -and the corruption of the Establishment  Not surprisingly the liberal money flowing to the USCB coming from this power structure he begins to be criticized by the Bishops – There is a relationship between the establishment government – the established elite of the US Church and the establishment media

He is by far not the ideal candidate for President of the US but aside from challenging the concept of the lesser of evils he does seeks to overturn the evil establishment

A hard hitting episode of CMTV tells it like it is


For those that believe public criticism of the corruption within Holy Mother Church to be a sin or not the right way to go these are the people that DO NOT know their Catholic history nor their responsibility and how for the Catholic not speaking out on issues even within our Church is OUR contributory sins

This is the last stand – the last standing generation before the Catholic Church is largely dissolved in the US and it cannot be fought unless first unified and cannot be unified until the corruption within her is blatantly exposed and dealt

On Saturday January 9th is the Procession of the Black Nazarene on 42 Street with the Filipino communities in celebrating their 410th anniversary of the icon of miraculous conversions in the Philippines1606AD to 2016AD will begin at 3:00pm – Hope to see you there !

42nd Street Procession and Benediction

Chant Course Starts Soon

St. Joseph’s Seminary – Yonkers
Seminary of the Immaculate Conception – Huntington


Professor: Dr. Jennifer Donelson, DMA
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St. Joseph’s Seminary – Yonkers
Seminary of the Immaculate Conception – Huntington

Mid January Start Dates and Tuition for Musicians: $750 (3 credits)/$500 (audit)

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“The Saint Cecilia Academy matched all of my expectations.  It gave me the confidence to know that I now have the knowledge, tools, and resources I need to do my job as music coordinator of my parish.  As professional musicians, we receive top level training at music universities and conservatories, but very little official training that prepares us for the real-world opportunities that many musicians encounter in the church – i.e., ‘church jobs’.  If you are a professional musician who works in the church, this is the program that fills that gap.”
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FSSP is looking for volunteers for their mission in Anolaima, Columbia – teachers and assistant teachers for starts in mid- January – Please contact them if you know someone or are you yourself interested in giving a year of yourself

FSSP Seeks Volunteers for Traditional Catholic School in Colombia

Brief History of Our Lady of Guadalupe and lesser known facts on The Queen Of The Americas Guild


Saint Juan Diego

New Traditional Ordinations by His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke

Traditional Ordinations With Cardinal Burke