Update On The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculata

Highest Court Confirms Judgment in the Case – The FFIs are vindicated

The Supreme Court in Rome has confirmed that the founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and the lay organizations related to the Order are  innocent and guilty of no wrong doing The confiscated real estate property is ordered to be returned to the lay organizations.

No reasoning behind the obscure persecution by the recently deceased Papal appointed overseer of the Order was given


It was said by the traditional elements of the Curia that a growing, thriving traditionalist order in multiple countries and outside the confines of the Ecclesia Dei communities was too unbearable for the Congregation of the Religious , while the secular orders continued to experience defectors of vowed religious and entire congregations dissolving, therefore they moved  on them within four months of Benedict XVI stepping down

Both parents of founder of the shadowed order of Saint Maximillian Kolbe – the exiled Father Stephan Manelli – are declared Servants of God going through processes towards Beatification that may have to wait until this Pontificate has ended to see the status of Blessed achieved amid persecution of their Holy son

This FFI, Fr Manelli has written many outstanding theology books on the Eucharist and Mariology

The FFIs  unfortunately, by the circles they traveled in, brought international attention to the fact that their opposition was always at the opposite side of the gate of the the masonry sympathetic idealists within the Church as calls were made well in advance to wipe them out with the end of the last Pontificate along with ending their call for a resurgence of dogmatic Marian maximalism

To those that believe the naivety of the moves of the Vatican to be random good hearted events rather than strategic attacks against traditional Catholicism it would be naive to say in the least

One of the key defenders of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculata and Traditional Catholic morals & social teachings that are tightly coupled together with the traditional Liturgical revival and the push back against the liberal Catholic reformation of social teaching , tradition and liturgy was Cardinal Raymond Burke, who at the time, in one of the highest ranking posts as the Apostolic Signatura, a position poised to successfully defend such attacks, was deposed from his position early on by the current Papacy

With the former Apostolic Signature in place amid a growing traditional Order like the FFIs, would last month’s outrageous declarations on the Catholic dogma on the Jewish peoples have been possible coming from the Vatican  ?

The permanent teaching of the Catholic Church that the Old Covenant was abrogated (not merely fulfilled by Abrogated) by the New Covenant and cannot save without conversion is infallible teaching

The new teaching from the Vatican attempts to declare the old covenant still valid for the Jewish peoples – and that their conversion should not be sought nor should there be anymore missions or funding for missions to convert Jewish people to Christianity . This is a  deleterious teaching that can only further damn more people to hell

It is very much related to the FFIs and traditional Catholicism in era and politico timing

For a full treatment of what the Talmud teaches – where the fall of the temple and the red thread played a role in the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ – the apostles, the new Bishops and their flocks of persecuted Jewish Christians – the authentic Catholic teaching can be found here


The Pharisees of their day fought the Jewish Christians out of the falling temple as the Pharisees in control of the new temple established by Jesus Christ are attempting to do in our day

Why can’t they tell them with the power of a John the Baptist that the curtain was torn in two – There has been a change in the Priesthood and the Old Covenant is abrogated and calls for the Jewish people to leave their mortally sinful rebellious movement and convert to the absolute Truth of the Incarnation

The New Pharisees Putting Up Obstacles To Evangelization and Conversion Are Within Our Own Walls


Exhortation to Catholic Men: Engage in the Fight, Step Into the Breach!

A Vibrant Call to Battle- This is the call The Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix and others are summoning to stand in the gap as the divide in the Church grows – Identify the gap – call it out and step into the breach – in word and deed-


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