Understanding The Case Of One Of The Heretical Popes – Honorius I 625 to 638 A.D.


Looking a little further into it from my past research – this is uniquely important because the majority of all protestant religions mis-define, in either the doctrine or dogma  the Trinity of God in it’s componential chemistry make-up or some part there of – and /or they deny the True definition of our Savior Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ our Savior and Our God has two natures and two wills – (one Divine and the other human) in one Person – full stop

We as Catholics are asked to “compromise” the Truth on a daily basis in the new Church by becoming one with supposed Christians who deny this (the majority of denominationalism) questioning as to how we could become one with abject error

Even though Pope Honorius I, was declared a heretic in the 630s AD, Saint Robert Bellarmine latter made attempts to defend Papal infallibility that was attacked by the Eastern Catholic Church (way prior to it’s definition at Vatican I in the late 1800s)  He attempted to define how the Pope can never issue a Heresy ex-cathedra but his Ordinary magisterial teachings can indeed be erroneous – heretical or even challenged as such but the Faithful

Upon his death the new Pontiff – Pope Agatho convened a Council to denounce Pope Honorius I and The Council of Constantinople in 638AD put forth the infallible declaration of the definition of the Holy Trinity and the Natures and two Wills of our Savior God- Jesus Christ

in this portion of the declaration of irrevocable Divine Revelation

“May the supernal Majesty restore to the benign rule of your government through the most heroic and unconquerable labours of your God-strengthened clemency, the whole Christian commonwealth, and may he subdue hostile nations to your mighty sceptre, that there may be satisfaction from this time forth to every soul and to all nation’

‘Briefly we shall intimate to your divinely instructed Piety, what the strength of our Apostolic faith contains, which we have received through Apostolic tradition and through the tradition of the Apostolical pontiffs, and that of the five holy general synods, through which the foundations of Christ’s Catholic Church have been strengthened and established; this then is the status [and the regular tradition ] of our Evangelical and Apostolic faith, to wit, that as we confess the holy and inseparable Trinity, that is, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, to be of one deity, of one nature and substance or essence, so we will profess also that it has one natural will, power, operation, domination, majesty, potency, and glory. And whatever is said of the same Holy Trinity essentially in singular number we understand to refer to the one nature of the three consubstantial Persons, having been so taught by canonical logic. But when we make a confession concerning one of the same three Persons of that Holy Trinity, of the Son of God, or God the Word, and of the mystery of his adorable dispensation according to the flesh, we assert that all things are double in the one and the same our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ according to the Evangelical tradition, that is to say, we confess his two natures, to wit the divine and the human, of which and in which he, even after the wonderful and inseparable union, subsists. And we confess that each of his natures has its own natural propriety, and that the divine, has all things that are divine, without any sin. And we recognize that each one (of the two natures) of the one and the same incarnated, that is, humanated (humanati) Word of God is in him unconfusedly, inseparably and unchangeably, intelligence alone discerning a unity, to avoid the error of confusion. For we equally detest the blasphemy of division and of commixture. For when we confess two natures and two natural wills, and two natural operations in our one Lord Jesus Christ, we do not assert that they are contrary or opposed one to the other (as those who err from the path of truth and accuse the apostolic tradition of doing. Far be this impiety from the hearts of the faithful!), nor as though separated (per se separated) in two persons or subsistences, but we say that as the same our Lord Jesus Christ has two natures so also he has two natural wills and operations, to wit, the divine and the human: the divine will and operation he has in common with the coessential Father from all eternity: the human, he has received from us, taken with our nature in time. This is the apostolic and evangelic tradition, which the spiritual mother of your most felicitous empire, the Apostolic Church of Christ, holds.

This is the pure expression of piety. This is the true and immaculate profession of the Christian religion, not invented by human cunning, but which was taught by the Holy Ghost through the princes of the Apostles. This is the firm and irreprehensible doctrine of the holy Apostles, the integrity of the sincere piety of which, so long as it is preached freely, defends the empire of your Tranquillity in the Christian commonwealth, and exults [will defend it, will render it stable; and exulting], and (as we firmly trust) will demonstrate it full of happiness.”


Please find an excellent Catholic sermon from this past Sunday about how the Vatican has abandoned it’s Jewish brothers

And rightfully questions whether the Vatican’s recent declaration on the abandonment of any missionary outreach to our Jewish brothers, does that mean the infallible teaching on salvation through Jesus Christ alone has also been abandoned by the Catholic Church?


In centuries past even silence by a Pontiff on an official Congregation or Bishop’s declaration of a doctrinal or dogmatic error could be deemed a full heresy

It is not for us to say if this Pontificate will be ruled by a future faithful Catholic generation of leaders to be heretical or to be a prophesier as to same

But what is unshakably true is that the sins of omission by the Faithful and the Saints to be of not declaring Truth – to friends – neighbors and publicly when falsehood is proclaimed  during this crisis in the Church is NOT venial sin it WILL be deemed mortal sin

….by the authentic Mercy judge of the universe in Divinity that became man – As people confuse the Lord’s two missions When he came to be crucified for our sins he came as a Merciful single person of the Trinity – when he comes again he will an army of legions longer than the human eye can see as a Judge

Is that Truth being said from the pulpit that sits besides where you kneel for Holy Communion ?– It is being said where we kneel – But hence the divide between the two Churches in the one Church is an existing one and pointing to it is the opposite of a sin it is contributing to the current mission of Christ of Mercy prior to his coming mission to Judge the inhabitant of the earth by the new law that is being largely suppressed – redefined and distorted in this current ‘ecosphere’ of the new neo- Catholic majority But we see change on the horizon and it’s rejection forming before our eyes.

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On The New Year

Why Catholics Needn’t Celebrate New Year’s Day


New Years_002

What we venerate or offer on the 1st of the secular year or anytime between midnight and midnight on the 1st is Sacrifice 

As it is the Feast of The Circumcision of the Lord where it was Christ’s will for his Body to be a perfect offering to fulfill the Jewish law of the Old Covenant in order to become the new Law for his His new Body ‘the Roman Catholic Church’

The  proscription of Saint Augustine for this Feast was to combat the paganism of “celebrating” with Sacrifice and Fasting on this day The Feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord

It is the Holy Family that will carry The Body of Our Lord to the steps of the temple that “He” would become

The  holy family