She Who Smashes the Serpent – Our Lady of Guadalupe

A light for human dignity in the face of a culture of death | Our Lady of Guadalupe:

The Celebration of Our Lady Of Guadalupe At The Growing  Traditional Catholic Apostolate Of FSSP in Mexico + Beautiful Photographs

From the Marianist, Fr. Emile Neubert’s Classic Work – A Chapter From “The Weapons Of The Marian Apostolate”

Chapter On The Weapons Of The Marian Apostolate By Fr Emile Neubert

Liturgical Restoration Priest and Liturgical Composer – Fr. Stephen Somerville – Passes Away On The Feast Of OL Of Guadalupe While Still Under Persecution In Toronto  – Requiescat in pace- Obituary – On Vox Cantoris

OL Of Guadalupe Processional Photo Courtesy of FSSP Mexico


“Per Matrem Ad Filium” -Through The Mother To THE Son

Rorate Caeli Mass

“Advent Mass of Our Lady Before Dawn By Candlelight Only –                      No Electricity”

Guadalajara Philippines –

Guadalajara Rorate Caeli - Advent Mass Before Dawn By Candlelight Only

From Cubao Philippines –

Rorate Cubao

Drop down dew, ye heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain the just
Aperiatur terra et germinet salvatorem”
Let the earth be opened and send forth a Saviour”