Pro-life Restoration- The re-education of the Catholic populace – and making known the inseparable connection between abortion and euthanasia is essential It must include the rejection of Common Core – The abandonment of neo-Catholic schools – New funding systems for Catholic home schooling networks and the financial boycott and forcing of the hand of the Catholic Bishops away from their continued funding of the culture of death

It has to start here – Faithful Traditional Catholic families of the laity and the growing reformation of the 3rd Orders have to take the lead 

Solid Catholic families well versed and educated in the Faith that have not succumbed to the various sectarian elements of the Church and the neo-Catholic teachings that have infiltrated the Church – Catholic Families entrenched in Sacred Tradition and the “Eternal” Exegesis of Sacred Scripture – Catholic families that are not staggering on one foot – as victims of divorce – adultery and the like – with all their children contributing to the Catholic family apostolate and growing through regular child birth and/or by adoption is a must – Catholic families with Property – on solid financial footing and with political say in a community of friends, family and neighbors to influence elections

This is where the stone wall needs to go up around a growing formidable fortress

Pro-Life Healthcare Alliance, a branch of Human Life Alliance

  1. Request copies of our fact sheet on “Brain Death”

Did you know that “brain death” was defined in the year 1968 by a Harvard committee in order to redefine an irreversible coma as a new criterion for death? Did you know that patients diagnosed “brain dead” have recovered? Contact Human Life Alliance at 651-484-1040 to get this simple, but informative fact sheet that sheds light on the common misconceptions surrounding “brain death.”

Brain Death

  1. Request organ donor refusal cards for yourself and your loved ones

Organ Donor Refusal Cards are a small, wallet size card expressing your refusal to donate organs for transplantation. Call 651-484-1040.

Brain Death Is Being Refuted By The Highest Echelons Of The Medical Establishment With Hard Medical Evidence And A Philosophical Debate Has Ensued On Mostly Ontological Grounds

Publications have arisen to support the opposition to legalized euthanasia and the brain death criteria currently fueling the International Organ harvesting business

One such Medical Pro-Life Publication is called Informed – Here is the link to the latest edition

Informed_Magezine_ Pro_life Health Care

Another Outstanding Resource At the Center Of This Restoration Element

Life Guardian

Faith Gives Hope  – Scriptural Support

and many other resources

Belgium bishops welcome criticism of euthanasia for patients facing ‘psychological suffering’

Medical professionals in the country released a statement demanding a revision of legislation

Belgium’s Catholic bishops welcomed a statement by top medical professors, psychiatrists and ethicists criticizing legislation that allows euthanasia for patients facing “psychological suffering.”

Ave Maria Investing has begun another entire series of ethical investment packages of stocks and mutual funds to get us out of the circular system OF OURSELVES BEING THE FINANCIAL FUEL TO THE CULTURE OF DEATH -We’re frogs in the pan not knowing that we’re killing ourselves

Acknowledging faith matters and is prevalent in every aspect of our lives and that there is – War on Religion Underway -A Catholic Banking And Investment Co-  Ave Maria Funds -Begins Anew With Renewed Vigor

FaithMatters – War on Religion- Ave Maria Funds -Moral Investing Series

The AVM series of MRI- Not a machine test but Morally Responsible and Ethical Investing

Morally Responsible Investing_AVM

AvM – Mutual Funds Profile AVM_Mutual Funds Profile

The restoration of the Social Reign of The Sacred Heart of Christ The King Must Begin Here

The call for brave men to unite in de-feminizing the control of the local Churches – not afraid to be rebuked by friends – family or those inside or outside the Church that can deal head on with a mass silent apostasy of the greatest denial in salvation history that God’s chosen people of the new covenant have been completely and thoroughly infiltrated on every level in every sector barring none

Consecrated Knights to our Lady to Her Immaculate Heart – willing to die for this fight for our families and our future patriarchal generations – Knowing that our Holy families and THE Holy family of the Mystical Body of Christ is one and inseparable In the same way that the Holy Ghost and the Mother of God are inseparable to the mission of restoring the Reign of the Sacred Heart of Christ The King

Arise !      

Mother of Fair Love and Holy Hope