WARNING – The Vatican Has Just Issued A New Teaching On Christian-Jewish Dialogue –

A full heresy has just been issued

It was released by the Vatican on the morning  of Thursday December 10th (EST time) and it was written and released by Cardinal Kurt Koch together with two Jewish representatives, Rabbi David Rosen, International Director of Interreligious Affairs for the American Jewish Committee, and Dr Ed Kessler, founding director of the Cambridge Woolf Institute.


Here is ONE of the heresies there are MANY others in this document that quotes Vatican II documents as if they were the Word of God – highlighted below in italic bold

WARNING The Cardinal is attempting to revoke the Infallible Catholic teaching to put forth, “The Old Covenant HAS NOT BEEN ABROGATED” and the peoples that await a new and different natural Messiah are still validly awaiting him and is recognized as such by the neo-Catholic leadership

It needs to be immediately sent to Jeff Cavins, for public comment, who taught THE DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED OPPOSITE in Catholic Scriptural Exegesis class on reading the Bible through the lens of the Covenants and as documented in every DVD set sent to every Diocese in the country and many other countries

Jeff Cavins accurately reflected the Truth on the infallible Catholic teaching that the word “fulfillment” of Jesus fulfillment of the Covenant is not a substitution of the Catholic interpretation that the Old Covenant has  been abrogated by the new (Only One) Covenant between God and man.

It was sent in conjunction with the Order that there are to be no more international missions or funding of missions for conversion of the Jews


The God that created the Jews assembled the new 72 leaders of the Tribes of Israel of the new Catholic covenant between God and Man

And Jesus Christ Our God sayeth thus about these Jewish peoples

Luke 10

13Woe to thee, Corozain, woe to thee, Bethsaida. For if in Tyre and Sidon had been wrought the mighty works that have been wrought in you, they would have done penance long ago, sitting in sackcloth and ashes. 14But it shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the judgement, than for you. 15And thou, Capharnaum, which art exalted unto heaven, thou shalt be thrust down to hell. 16He that heareth you, heareth me; and he that despiseth you, despiseth me; and he that despiseth me, despiseth him that sent me. 17And the seventy-two returned with joy, saying: Lord, the devils also are subject to us in thy name. 18And he said to them: I saw Satan like lightening falling from heaven. 19Behold, I have given you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and upon all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall hurt you. 20But yet rejoice not in this, that spirits are subject unto you; but rejoice in this, that your names are written in heaven.


The new Heresy from within this document !

The Church is called the new people of God (cf. “Nostra aetate”, No.4) but not in the sense that the people of God of Israel has ceased to exist. The Church “was prepared in a remarkable way throughout the history of the people of Israel and by means of the Old Covenant” (“Lumen gentium”, 2). The Church does not replace the people of God of Israel, since as the community founded on Christ it represents in him the fulfilment of the promises made to Israel. This does not mean that Israel, not having achieved such a fulfilment, can no longer be considered to be the people of God. “Although the Church is the new people of God, the Jews should not be presented as rejected or accursed by God, as if this followed from the Holy Scriptures” (“Nostra aetate”, No.4).

 CNS –(Catholic News Service) has the same warning

The Vatican Is Saying That As Of December 10th Catholics Should No Longer Attempt To Convert Jews


 Mark this date Dec 10th

It is of significance and connected to the pagan light show that ensued at the Vatican – On Fatima Org


Here is a snapshot of what an authentic Sunday sermon at a traditional Catholic Church and a reputable Pastor has to say on the matter of the crisis – There are many other real Catholic sermons on You Tube 

Sunday Sermons : The Leven of Evil – Recent audio recording –


If you want a completely honest – loyal Catholic commentary on what is really going on with this Pontificate – See the video commentary between Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara – two schooled and talented – authors- theologian journalists – Chris Ferrara is accurate to the point of it being scary – He is ( as is many other sectors of the Church – all  – simultaneously saying the same in unison ) in tune with reality amidst the largest Catholic denial phenomenon in Salvation history

The Classic Modernist


 Saint Pope Pius X Encyclical Against Modernism –Defining It and His Warning In 1907 That It Was Entering All Levels Of The Church


The Authentic Catholic Magisterial Teachings On The Conversion Of The Jewish Nation as translated by Father Denis Fahey – with official 1940s Nil Obistat and Imprimatur raised stamping

Pdf link to the entire teachings below

Kingship of Christ, Fahey, Fr. Denis

 It is as Sacred Scripture prophesied , that when the 2nd fall begins – The world and the peoples will be blind and it will unknowingly come upon them as they continue to “”CELEBRATE” this era amongst the Assembly of “the Church of the people” rather than do difficult Penance and offer Sacrifice to the One true God from within “the Church established by Jesus Christ himself”

 The 3rd Secret Of Fatima is Upon Us – Infiltration Has Officially ensued 

Ode to Our Lady

Look upon the Church of Your Son and Protect Our Families From It

OL Fatima