Tonight there is a Traditional Missa Cantata (Sung Mass) at the Filipino Chapel of San Lorenzo Ruiz at  7:00pm The Chapel is located at 378 Broome Street in Manhattan.

This Mass will be celebrated by the Reverend Dr. Joseph G. Marabe JCD, Moderator and Director of Filipino Apostolate of the Archdiocese of New York

The first Traditional Latin Mass in this chapel since the Council suppressions historically  took place on Saturday, March 16, 2013.

Flyer below and more information as posted by Novus Motus Liturgicus below the flyer

Mass NYC announcement San Lorenzo Ruiz

Saturday is the 1st class Feast of the Patroness of the Americas Our Lady of Guadalupe

High Solemn Mass at Holy Innocents NYC – @ 1:00pm-

The First 1st class Mass of the Year of Mercy and The Traditional Catholic will be followed by a Lecture in the Church Hall by Fr. Joseph Pilsner PhD – Professor of Theology at Saint Thomas Aquinas, Houston, Texas – starting at 2:15pm

See Flyer below for more details

OL Of Guadalupe Mass

For Sunday

We’ve coordinated a special Mass for Saint Lucy at the beautiful private Chapel of Santa Febronia Hoboken at 5:30pm

The Mass is to be offered by Canon Jean Moreau of the Order of Christ The King Sovereign Priest – Pastor of Saint Anthony of Padua, West Orange, NJ

See Flyer below for more details

MASS ANNOCNCEMENT FLYER_Feast of St Lucy @ Santa Febronia_120915

Christmas in The Extraordinary Form –  Schedule of events at Saint Anthony of Padua , Jersey City NJ

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Christmas 2015 (St. Anthony’s Extraodinary Form Schedule)

Mass as composed in honor of the Virgin Mary, the Missa Ave Virgo Sanctissima by Géry de Ghersem (1573-1630)

The beauty of Sacred Music and Art at the service of the Worship of the one true God – at it’s best

You Tube link below

Rare Historical footage of “opening” of the Holy Jubilee Year by Pope Pius XII in 1950 – Only 65 years ago (my Dad was in his 30s )

The Holy Roman Pontiff carried on procession and accompanied by an armored division of the Holy Roman Swiss Guard

Rare Historical footage of “the official closing” of the Holy Jubilee Year by Pope Pius XII in 1951 –also carried in the traditional Sedia Gestatoria that garnered respect from ranking protestants as well as the Catholic Elites of the theocratic countries

All you can say is OH MY GOODNESS – What has this generation of ideologues done to Holy Mother Church except raped it of all it’s fruit and Glory

Be patient the Restoration will come and the disastrous leadership reign will come to end – As in the modified line of the Gladiator movie “The time for honoring your own- personal ideologies- is nearly at an end”

Donation request for the Fire victims of the Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago –

A mother of a seminarian of the Order of Christ the King Sovereign Priest makes her plea

Three Reasons the Church’s Enemies Hate the Immaculate Conception

Prayer To The Immaculate Conception by Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe

Allow me to praise Thee, O most holy Virgin Mary, with my personal commitment and sacrifice. Allow me to live, work, suffer, be consumed and die for Thee, just for Thee.

Allow me to bring the whole world to Thee. Allow me to contribute to your ever-greater exaltation, to Thine greatest possible exaltation. Allow me to give Thee such glory that no one else has ever given up to now.

Allow others to surpass me in zeal for Thine exaltation and me to surpass them, so that by means of such noble rivalry, your glory may increase ever more profoundly, ever more rapidly, ever more intensely as He Who has exalted Thee so indescribably, above all other beings Himself desires.  Amen.

Classic Painting Of The Immaculate Conception  By Rubens

Immaculate Conception Portrait By Rubens

Photos From the Traditional Rorate Caeli Mass Of Our Lady By Candlelight Only (No Electricity)

As posted by Novus Motus Liturgicus – crediting gorgeous photographs courtesy of Anthony Dacosta and Cecilia Tan

Rorate Caeli Mass At Holy Innocents NYC

Ave Maria