The Vatican Issues statements that the Church’s opening day of it’s year on Dec 8th will always, going forward, have a focus towards raising the protection and awareness of Mother Earth This is a Sacrilege and a component of the new one world religion that they are building

The 2nd highest Solemnity of the Mystical the Body of Christ’s Dec 8th Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God, is eclipsed by the worship of the Gaia Goddess Mother Earth and a vintage wine line list of population control advocates partnered with the World Bank

The Vatican’s ‘climate change’ light show designed to highlight the new #1 problem in the world = supposed man made climate change – skipped the most endangered species of all – the unborn child

The show sponsored by The World Bank and some of it’s partners entrenched in the culture of death such as Okeanos, whose bounty and prophecy moto and logo of fish in one hand and serpent in the other were prevalent

The 2nd partner Obscura Digital then centered the light show opening and closing on the greek pagan goddess Gaia, a Greek Mother Earth who has been appropriated by worshipers of nature, along with Aya, a Babylonian mother goddess associated with the rising sun and with sexual love.

Sacrilege ! As Catholic Leaders React To The Vatican’s Pagan Climate Light Show

Archive story on How the World Bank is one of the largest supporters and advocates of Abortion in the world who also provides world-wide financial assistance for birth control distribution

Here in the US the USCB (the United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops) lead Charity that gets the majority of the money collected from Diocesan Catholics -and annual appeals is abortion and contraception advocate CRS (Catholic Relief Services ). CRS was caught yet again in 2013 giving 2.7M of their US Bishop’s funding to an Abortion Marketing Firm – Then PSI (Population Services Institute) which was founded by the porn baron Phil Harvey in the 1970s and primarily distributes various forms of birth control to the 3rd world from funds collected from the elite supposed non for profits – 2013 records show over $600M from the USCB having gone to them

Exposed again in 2015 you can see the Condom Promotion videos CRS sponsored through their PEPFAR programs and SAIDIA go here – See Shuga –

When the Catholic Relief Services ask the kids have you picked up your “Shuga” today via these videos – Shuga is Condoms !

The betrayal by US Catholic Bishops and Politicians – Vortex Episode

Contraception and Abortion: You’ll Never Get Rid of the Latter Until You Ditch the Former

The Vortex—What Kind of America? | Archive Vortex Episode On The Roots of the Culture Of Death – Contraception

Yesterday Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council on Justice and Peace says birth control may offer climate ‘solution’

The Cardinal says the Pope does not object to “some” condom use – and quotes a portion of the Pope’s condom speech from the plane

On the Plane Returning From Africa Pope Francis attacks ‘fundamentalist’ Catholics, dismisses condom ban as unimportant

In Case Anyone Does Not  Believe The Pope Could Say Something Like That Or That He Was Mistranslated Again – Here Is The Video of Him Saying It


Via Pope John Paul II’s Evangelium Vitae, Thomas Aquinas, The Catholic Catechism of the Council Of Trent , Saint John of Chrysostam and others

A full violation of Catholic teaching !

Please review Evangelium-Vitae as well as Humane Vitae directly off the Vatican web site as both detail Catholic teaching on the subject to the letter

The progressive modernism of the establishment Catholic Church appears to be reeling out of control but it’s not random there are architects

The proceedings from the 14th World Conference of the regular Masonic Grand Lodge and the US version of the Meetings held in San Francisco from November 18th through the 21st 2015

The ties to the Abortion industry and the multi-billion dollar organ harvesting business and the behind the scenes architects of the political maneuvering for the control of the Catholic Hospitals business throughout the world can be found in this July 2015 Archive Story

There are even photographs of the grand Abortionist leader Henry Morgentaler getting one of the Lodge’s highest honors here in North America in the 1990s

We don’t normally recommend protestant authors but when it comes to the social gospel and the battle – the redevelopment of organized paganism and what is going on – on the ground – vs. the road map of the Gospel  this particular  speaker/preacher Dr. Peter Jones – hits the nail on the head in his writings


The dawning realization of the rapid pagan drift of contemporary culture is coming as a rude shock for many still used to living in the once “Christian-friendly” west. But the church must neither panic nor modify its message. Once again, the apostle Paul offers a prescription for the times just as he did in his day 2,000 years ago. Understanding the uniqueness of the gospel in light of paganism ancient or modern, Paul’s “gospel” will provide the blueprint for faithful thinking and living in the third millennium.

Unlike what today’s Saint Juan Diego did which was reveal Our Lady as the true Queen in our service to our Her Son and take to religious seclusion in order to let the over turn of paganism flesh out on it’s own (which is a great contributing charism for those called to the ascetic life) in this day with the ‘Militant’ battle raging we hear the call for Holy soldiers we come to understand that our Faith must be “orthopraxic” and to practice the fullness of Catholicism one must be devoted to a life balanced between prayer and action

Saint Juan Diego