Another Treasured Catholic book forced out of print in the iconoclastic post conciliar era is restored

My Book of the Church’s Year — A Children’s Classic, Back in Print

Catholic Men For The Holy League

Cardinal Burke is Calling Catholic Men and Men’s Group To Associate and Join Together The Holy League Around The Mission and The Apostate of Eucharistic Adoration, reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to form a united front of members of the Church Militant preparing for Spiritual Combat for the coming Islamic invasions

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The Call to Restore The Catholic Armies of Old and Invade The East Should Be Part of Our Resistance Movement Call

A Powerful Battle Movie Calls Us Back to The Catholic Front Lines

No More Scraps: Regaining Rightful Catholic Pride – OnePeterFive

The Feast of the Miraculous Medal – Friday November 27th – Don’t despair that it is suppressed in the New Rite and the box on your Novus Ordo Calendar for Nov 27th is blank The Traditional Rite will celebrate this Mass and the Mass at Holy Innocents NY Friday will be at 1:00pm

Another great day trip if you have the day off is The Shrine of the Miraculous Medal in Philadelphia – A beautiful & powerful place that is still with us from two summers ago visit – To join the Association & acquire their resources and get directions, please go here

Shrine of the Miraculous Medal in Philadelphia, PA Central Association of the Miraculous Medal

The beauty of the Traditional Rite in the center of the garment district of NYC two blocks from the loading docks of Macy’s

Come see the Sacred Restored in all of it’s Orthopraxy -video inset

The Transmission of Faith Through Art – featured archive article on the Foundation For Sacred Arts

John Lamonts Essay on Catholicism, Islam and the Neomodernist betrayal of Christians suffering at the hands of the Mohammedans.

The CMTV Episode About “What Happened To EWTN” after Mother Angelica was forced off the board and had strokes in 2000 and how EWTN then started to become part of the establishment Catholic media and now several of their shows having equality with secular media in it’s content and perspectives

Photos from the Miraculous Medal Shrine in Philadelphia, PA Have a great Feast Day




Ave Maria