I had the privilege of bringing my family along to a Tradition Family and Property lecture recently held near Wilmington, Delaware We got to meet John Horvat II,  the Vice President of the American Association for Tradition Family and Property, following his frank discussion presentation on the necessary components for a Return To Order, based on Catholic Social Teaching and the coming Resistance Movement

As he has been very active lately in the Catholic activism realm, these two articles that continued from the cover article from the Crusade journal on “Never Ceasing To Fight “The Only Option” as well as “Rejecting False Solutions” are ~attached~ in pdf

TFPs John Horvat Articles Never Ceasing To Fight an Rejecting Fallse Solutions

John Horvat II -Photo_002a John Horvat II -Photo_001a

Coincidentally his newest article, John Horvat II, called “Strong Money” discussed the proper Catholic Social teachings on economics as exemplified in the powerful example of King Saint Louis IX of France (1214-1270) in a today’s Crisis Journal article

The “Strong Money” of Good King Saint Louis

Some Additional Traditional Catholic Social Teaching on Money with also current application of the teachings of the Doctor Saint Thomas Aquinas

Money, Questions and Answers – by Fr. Charles Coughlin (book in pdf format) Money, Questions and Answers – by Fr. Coughlin

Father  Coughlin also used the radio in the 1930s to gather together Catholic workers guilds for the protection of the rights of labor and railroad workers The Catholic Guilds began being forced into disbanding beginning in the 1920s and he was forced off the air before the end of the 1930s

As well as Father Denis Fahey’s timeless Catholic Social teachings on Money Manipulation & Social Order from the 1940s – Forced out of print in the post conciliar era and available in the rare book outlets or free in pdf at this link

Money Manipulation & Social Order, Fahey, Fr. Denis

Saint Thomas On Immigration :i  “Man’s relations with foreigners are twofold: peaceful, and hostile: and in directing both kinds of relation the Law contained suitable precepts.”

: In making this affirmation, Saint Thomas affirms that not all immigrants are equal. Every nation has the right to decide which immigrants are beneficial, that is, “peaceful,” to the common good. As a matter of self-defense, the State can reject those criminal elements, traitors, enemies and others who it deems harmful or “hostile” to its citizens.

The second thing he affirms is that the manner of dealing with immigration is determined by law in the cases of both beneficial and “hostile” immigration. The State has the right and duty to apply its law.

Forming The Resistance- Vortex Episode on CMTV


“Resistance Movement Is Now Required“- Vortex Episode on CMTV

We must live in a constant state of resistance to what is coming both within and without the Church and organize against it for our families our friends and our Oratories & Chapels as Required by Sacred Tradition


Robert Spenser’s Jihad Watch rebroadcasts the Bishop Barron heresy on submission to Islam – and excellent article posted yesterday on One Peter Five and linked to in our news blog feed yesterday afternoon

Roman Catholic bishop Robert Barron advocates strategy of submission to the Islamic State

Video – Spreading The Fatima Message – The March Of The Counter Revolution (Spanish w/English Subtitles )


King Saint Louis IX of France

King Saint Louis IX (1214-1270)