The Invasion of Europe Has Begun

The forced collective suicide of European nations –

Watch this video and you will see what is really going on

Intercepted messages by the CIA indicate a call went out to all Mosques calling for the Islamic invasion of Europe to begin – This has nothing to do with ISIS or radicals they sent out the clarion call to them all that when you see Paris invaded know that that the revolution has begun The order to every strong able bodied man, young and old, to leave your homes and migrate from the East into the West and take Europe has been initiated

War is coming in the near future

International Military forces are assembling to back up the orders of the EU to enforce- The one world government has begun it’s military formation

Islamic refugee migration en masse is mandated – it will not be stopped – It’s even approved by the Pope who doesn’t understand the scope of the socio-political religious issues

The call to invade Paris came once the occupation of Western Germany started to become a reality

Watch and learn

The Mosque of Notre Dame

“The Mosque of Notre Dame is an analysis of Islam that is indispensable for anyone who wants to understand the threat the West is facing.”Thomas

Yeats’ Warning of the Islamic Antichrist by  on the Imaginative Conservative

  Robert Spencer – Jihad Watch Insider appeared on Fox attempting to discuss the Muslim Refugee issue
It’s complicated as Obama is funding and backing the Syria reblels under the guise that it fights ISIS but it is much more complex than that
Massive Syiran requests for citizenship for every criminal muslim in the middle east so that they legally be guaranteed a refugee status in the west is underway as the Muslim controlled Syrian government crank out the credentials
As several Congressmen have noted he’s merely inciting a Middle Eastern War with ground zero in Syria so that he can incite an Islamic exodus to Europe under the guise of humanitarian aid and civil rights

Former Eldest Daughter Of Catholic Empires
France’ Is Under Siege -as Western Christendom Begins To Surrender

Our Lady of Lepanto Pray For us