Protestant theologians such as Paul Tillich and Dietrich Bonhoeffer desired to see writ large on the flag of modern Protestantism: Ecclesia semper reformanda est, i.e. “The Church is always to be reformed.”

This was also the mantra of generations of freemasons that the Church is a phoenix needing to constantly be remade – reduced to ashes -and remade again
Today, speaking to bishops and faithful gathered in Florence, Pope Francis made this profoundly Protestant thesis his own, quoting it verbatim.
Ecclesia semper reformanda “The Church is always to be reformed.”
As disturbing as that may be, it was not the most unsettling part of Pope Francis’ speech. That honor goes to his diatribe against what is becoming a major theme of his pontificate, i.e. the “Pelagianism”
Which is his new key word for any element representing the traditional Catholic movement or holding the line on Traditional Catholic Doctrine and Traditional Catholic Scripture exegesis
Further to the same point the lines are clearly being drawn to the shock of many regular everyday Catholics, to the Truth of the matter, that the Pope of the Catholic Church is “the leader of the Progressive Modernist movement within the Church”
In the Pope’s  public speech in Florence yesterday he forcefully came out of the closet as such and the usual  ambiguity of words came off unmasked

De Mattei: The Pharisees and Sadducees of our time

Robert De Mattei highlights the real Pharisees and Saducees in response to the umpteenth unofficial proclamation speech critical of Traditional Catholic Bishops and Cardinals and traditional Catholic apostolates, by the Pope, in promoting the antithesis of the return to order

Two sources on same

The centering mantra from this Pontificate and the new radically liberal majority of the Catholic Church is  not only the constantly repeated “tolerance of all religions and levels of sin” but the opening of the Catholic Church to the idea of “convergence” with all these elements and those that do not buy in to this new form of Catholicism are not “broadminded” but “limited traditionalist pelagians”

“Let the conscience of the God that lives within each person decide who is worthy of Holy Communion”  and the whole idea of directing the need of serious Penance on any issue is “an outdated Catholic dogma of the old religion needing to be updated”  (aka nouvelle theologie ‘aggiornamento) with the new forms of Mercy

Sound familiar ?!

It’s the center of the philosophy, teachings, and ideology of grand orient freemasonry as SAINT MAXIMILLIAN KOLBE’s THEOLOGY describes in detail here at this pdf file

Saint Maximillian Kolbe Teachings Against Freemasonry

In the review to the Italian Congregation The Pope said

“he wishes the Church to be a restless Church in a constant state of change and everyone open to changing Catholic teaching”

His words sound very very similar to the exact same words by the great American leader of Freemasonry of the 1800s “Albert Pike”

In the Pope’s last line of his speech “The Church also knows how to give a clear answer to the threats that emerge within public debate.” –
It can definitively be said THAT is the one thing that the the current administration is completely unable to do in this era

In Brussels the Pope’s new appointee of one of the largest See’s in the world said that we should eliminate talk of “Mercy” for homosexuals divorced and remarried and instead embrace change to everyone as respected equals ?!

Whether he sounded more like Albert Pike today or more like Pope Francis was really hard to tell

The lines are clearly drawn between the camps of the Cardinals and Bishops that are sworn to defend Church teachings and the camps of the Modernist Progressives lead by our Pope that seek to change Church teachings

The American arm of Traditional Family and Property has just endorsed the public letter and comments of Bishop Athanasius Synder from the exclusive Rorate Caeli interview and the Bishop has stated clearly that “The Catholic Church has just opened the back door to change to neo-mosaic practice”

Communique – “A Back Door to a Neo-Mosaic Practice in the Catholic Church”

Original Interview Report With the Bishop

CMTV’s Michael Voris Episode About The Cover Of ‘Time’ And The New Catholic Religion That Has Always Partnered With “Time Magazine”

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