Religious ban on teaching Islam in Britian’s Catholic schools gets a high level push back from ranking British muslims

Sir Iqbal Sacranie, former secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, urged Catholic leader Cardinal Vincent Nichols to rethink the ban and said that it specifically violated THE NEW Catholic teachings on interfaith and the dispositions on the subject by the current Pope Francis

The part of the message that went uncontested is that I myself was unaware that there were any new Catholic teachings

But low and behold I look up what our United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have to say about the subject and I figure THEY MUST be on the right side of Orthodox Catholic teaching on this subject that states in Sacred Scripture in the Book of Hebrews that “There is no new teaching under the sun as Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever”

They must know that there are at least a dozen Papal encyclicals, and Papal letters, that decry the evils of Islam and the disposition by both Catholic hierarchy –doctors of the Church theologians and Saints that a polytheistic heresy arose out of Arabic Catholicism that worshiped many Gods called itself Islam in the early 8th century and by the late 8th century they chose the moon God as their one true God from among them and followed Mohammad’s version of this moon God and then wrote the Quran 100 years after Muhammad’s death containing several dozen un-scholarly biblical and historical errors

There were Popes that were Saints that discussed this in books, Papal letters, and Encyclicals from our treasure filled history and also as recorded in the majority of all preconciliar Catholic Apologetics books on this subject.

But not a sentence from any of our Sacred Tradition or Sacred Scripture pertaining to this is mentioned

It’s as though BC and AD timeline is strangely now the 1960s – This is like a planet of the apes movie or a twilight zone episode …no ?!

They must know this ?! that it is a radical pagan religion sworn to war with, as they record it, “the people of the book (the bible) until the end of the earth”…no?!

But when I went on the USCB site I found this strange new heresy written by an internal USCB committee called “The West Coast Dialogue of Catholics and Muslims”

It never mentions the Quran’s Sura 22 That says “God never had a Son and never will”

It never mentions the Quran teachings that anyone that says “God is three or three in one is guilty of blasphemy and should be whipped to death”

It also never mentioned one of Islam’s core instructions, “To remain in cultural quiet’ (a sleeper cell) ,  to go unseen and unnoticed, until we (they) become the majority and to take the land by force and enslave all non-believers”  Still taught in every Mosque in the world

Possibly they don’t have access to what muslims are doing in the rest of the world ?! or that they believe that this is some type of different muslim religion (which muslims by the way believe is a belief also punishable by death (that there is any belief division among them)

We go to national television on the subject – video inset

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This one is key because they were untied in belief accross regions

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The key question I pose to you is this

Since the USCB and the supposedly “new” teachings of the establishment Catholic Church is obviously something since the 1960s or in the post conciliar era that cannot be trusted how can you expect me to trust that their new Rite – new forma of the center of our belief system “The Holy Mass” to communicate to both me and my family The Real Jesus Body Blood Soul and Divinity and the Authentic teachings of the Mystical Body of Christ ?

I know that Scripture says

“What fellowship can the darkness have with the light or what fellowship does an unbeliever have with the believer ?”

I know what Sacred Tradition recorded Many Victories including at the Bridge of Lepanto have crushed this false religion to the ground many times

And I know what the Saints and theologians have repeatedly said in every Century

In the words of Juan Donosco Cortex….

“Catholicism is the law of life, the life of intelligence, the solution of all problems, Catholicism is the Truth, and everything that departs from it one iota is disorder, deception, and error.”

Our Lady of Victories pray for us

Our Lady of Victory Lackawana NY