Animus Delendi Against the Franciscans of the Immaculate Continues — Obsessive Micromanaging by Bergoglian Bureaucracy Saturday, November 7, 2015

The persecution against the Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Immaculata continue under this Pontificate full force despite the tragic death of their Papal appointed oppressor

I suppose the Lord will have to  redden the waters or send frogs now ?!

The Pope now signs a decree banning them from vows to anything but his Papacy

In this coverage story, as detailed as its attempt , on Eponymous Flower, appears to be, there may be some interpretation issue ( as there are sometimes with many good Catholics ) that does not completely understand this subject of vowed Consecration

There is oath and there is vowed – Breaking an oath is like swearing on the bible and lying which is is a mortal sin but breaking your vows comes with the addition of excommunication

Another example is that many religious minded do not continue into the degrees of the Knights of Columbus for fears of the oath one must take also to Patriotism and Country, as rightfully seen in recent times in having to choose sides between your job’s duties and your God, which for many people is yet another additional moral conscience conflict

The ban in the case OF THIS INTERPRETATION concerns breaking the religious promises of Obedience to the founders !

However read correctly Father Stephano Manelli, the FFI former Superior General of the Order would never vow anyone obedience to himself unto death

The correct reading is as follows

It is the school of Saint Lois De Montfort’s Consecration to Jesus through the Immaculate where we become Her subject and She the dispensatrix of all our good family work and apostolate efforts as well as all our received Graces from the Lord. The distributor of all – including sufferings and sorrows to apply as she would see fit to the reparation target(s) of Her own more closely aligned according to the will of God.

Their order tacks on the extension of the Consecration of Saint Maximillian Kolbe’s onto Saint Loius De Montfort where we are consecrated through Her to the ETERNAL Magisterium of the Body of Christ via the Immaculate Conception which was not completely defined as of yet at the time of Saint De Montfort

Putting yourself, and the trust of yourself your family, all your possessions at the complete 100% trust of the merged inseparability of the Holy Ghost and Her Divine Maternity as the perfect union of the created ( Holy Mother )and the uncreated Spirit of God that would manifest the incarnation of the biological Son of God the Father – This is THE understanding of the Mediatrix Of All Graces – otherwise known as the proposition of the 5th Marian Dogma that was unofficially propagated by every Pope from Pius the X to Saint John Paul II in their encyclicals and Papal letters on our Lady

THIS IS what they are consecrated to ..…..and now we will get to what this Pontificate is REALLY trying to break ties with in our religion

This Pontificate is Jesuit and the Jesuits take a different and very questionable theological vow They take one of obedience to the Pope not to the See of Peter or the Eternal Magisterium of the Catholic Church but to the Pope himself

At one time the Jesuits opposed Jansenism and were it’s fighters through educational institutions and the Sacred Heart propagation How they came to be cooperators of it has one philosophy that several of their order chapters went native and they began to instead propagate jansensim themselves in the 17th and 18th centuries

An oversimplification /summary of the elements of jansenism within this is where Catholics take calvinistic presbyterianism of predestination coupled with a rigorous notion of the path to sancitification (when in many cases it is advertised as the easier smoother way) and now in this era is tacked on “universalism” There is no select city we are building for the earthly reign of Christ the King nor a jeweled city of the new Jerusalem of the mystical Body of Christ established by Jesus himself This is a universalism extension of jansenism that finds a deep love of all those who hold dear the ideologies of masonry as the image in which to continue to re-make this new Catholicism they have been building- THESE are some of the many dialects of the formation of the new religion(s) within our Church.

It’s newest expounding on these basis’ is the theology of Karl Rahner adopted by prelates of Vatican II as one of their mentors and promoted by recent celebrity Priest Father Robert Baron The theology where ALL MEN HAVE A REASONABLE HOPE OF BEING SAVED and that “our current version of hell is really not a physical place but a dogma”  HIS EXACT HERETICAL WORDS ON LIVE TELEVISION – In the Pontificate of Pius IX – Saint Pius X , Pius XI or Bl Pius XII it would have warranted excommunication and or at the very least suspension of his Priestly faculties – In this pontificate he hit the nail on the head of their theology and he was promoted to Bishop in a major See of the United States of America

Therefore in this Pontificate you will never see a Papal letter condemning the masonic ideologies entrenched in some of the highest levels of important Bishophric Sees – You will never see the official declaration of the Mediatrix of All Graces nor the official establishment of any additional Traditional orders despite that they are the only ones doubling in size every couple years and not hemorrhaging parishioners and closing Parishes

For a thorough debunking of the theology of Karl Rahner ( the old protégé of the progressive modernists please see the book offering of the affiliate of TFP’s – “Tradition In Action”  entitled 

“A Critical Examination of the Theology of Karl Rahner”  S.J. by Robert C. McCarthy

For that of Consecration please see the recent re-publishing of the excellent series on the Theology of Marian Consecration by the devoted founder of TFP – Prof Plino De Correa De Oliveira entitled

Commentary on the Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin

 May Her Queenship put ruin to the works and plans of the modern ideologists