Is Marital Indissolubility Now Being Taught By The Catholic Church As Only an Ideal? by John M. Grondelski (Ph.D., Fordham) writing for Crisis Catholic Journal

Is Marital Indissolubility Only an Ideal?

How can being open to life be now “an ideal” of ours if it is wedded to unalterable Truth?

Saint Maximilian Kolbe preached that if the ideals cross over the divine will of the two hearts it forms a Cross wedded to Truth

“Once this ideal is defined and established in Truth then, he said, we must sacrifice our life to our ideal, not subordinate our ideal to our life.”

And on this point- this may be the at the center of the new ecclesiastical errors of our ranking prelates.

Did Thomas More and John Fisher Die for Nothing? by Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila writing for A.L.L. (American Life League) by By


This article can also be found via Denver Catholic .edu

Did Thomas More and John Fisher die for nothing?

60 legal scholars invoked Abraham Lincoln in a recent document urging both private citizens and officials at all levels of government to view the decision as illegitimate and against the constitution and to act that way.

David Blankenhorn Gets Another “F”

With absolutely no help from the Papacy on these issues and instead a liberal progressiveness that works against the camp lines of Faithful Catholics the establishment Catholic Media and now even the non Traditional Catholics in the Conservative sector have begun to acknowledge the truth of the civil war within the Catholic Church and recognize that the civil war is being led by the Papacy

See the cover article of the European journal “The Spectator”

The Pope vs. The Church – The Anatomy Of A Catholic civil war

Some Bishops believe more in worldly ideology than they do the infallible doctrines of the Church  so says Archbishop Henryk Hoser, one of three Polish bishops at last month’s Synod on the Family, recently told a Polish news outlet in an interview published Wednesday…………

To All These Evils CMTVs Michael Voris gives the wrap up in this vortex video Episode

……..In this contemporary climate of Freemasonic principles of equality and liberty and fraternity, it is the most politically incorrect thing you can say — which is why it must be said even more, and with greater urgency. And to the point of this climate of theological poison which has engulfed the culture of the West, it must be admitted that the reason the Church is in such decline is because Her leaders have not resisted this evil of religious egalitarianism…….( and to which many of the high level Catholic prelates have already adopted and now actively and rebelliously propagate)

This coincides with the culture wars going on at an international level with the United States now leading the way for the rest of the world for the press into the many secular liberalisms of the culture of death

See the article by John Horvat II – Catholic activist and author published last month in Blaze magazine entitled

Which Model Will Work for Running America?

The resistance to the current political and economic system as based on traditional Catholic social teaching

The four main pro-choice arguments eerily similar at government legal levels to those of the pro-slavery arguments that were in those days similarly debated

As Germany enters the fray of countries considering a national referendum to allow assisted suicide, and  to which the United Nations population control factions are strongly in favor of, –the German Jewish population comes out in strong opposition

As Germany Debates Legalizing Assisted Suicide, It’s Jewish Population is Strongly Opposed