The Formation Of The Catholic Resistance Movement

How we got here and into the depth of the crisis in the Catholic Church – How to join the Resistance Movement – Help end the denial and the infiltration of the Church and the heterodox . The blackout of all Catholic teachings prior to the 1960s by the new ecclesial administration is a reality

The majority of all converts and reverts to the Catholic Church are happening via Faithful Catholic apostolates of a Traditional nature that are operating outside of the institutionalized new western rite Church –

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The Resistance Movement Part #2 – 8 minute video

To be completely honest in the path towards increasing in the virtues of holiness – purity…and honesty is to publicly admit to others within and outside of the Church what is occurring

In the  Catholic Church, from the highest ranks on down what is forming is a second protestant reformation

Martin Luther was an apostate German Catholic Priest that was officially defined and declared a heretic by the Catholic Church – responsible for leading many souls to perdition

John Calvin of presbyterian calvinism was an apostate  French Catholic priest that was also officially defined and declared a heretic by the Catholic Church – responsible for leading many souls to perdition

Confrontation of error is Catholic’s Glory towards salvation

“We increase in perfection by driving back the demonic within the Church”

The enemies of the Church in the 16th century fought the Church from outside the Church in this Century the real enemies of the Church are within the Church

As accurately illustrated in this era, the greatest battlefield Saints in salvation history occurred in eras like this one due to the depths of the eternal “supernatural ‘Faith and Hope’ that reigns within them” from the Trinitarian nature of our God and through the Mediatrix of Our Lady, they were and are still a wall of Resistance to error no matter what quarter of the Church it comes from –

We are aliens in this world which is ruled by the prince of darkness – The Prince of Peace promised us peace , not in this world but, in the next world and only if we embraced a thorny bloody path, strewn with tears to the mount of Calvary

Catholics were not made for comfort but for battle – Pope Leo XIII

Catholics were not made for comfort but for Glory – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

In an article by Father John Perricone (PhD & Catholic Philosophy and Theology Teacher) entitled The Absolete Human in the Traditional Mass Quarterly Journal Father illustrates how the Obergefeell vs Hodges decision in the US goes so far beyond Roe vs. Wade that is has begun to redefine what is Truth – and dictate what is human and what is no longer our right to decide…..

See the link below for the full article I’ve uploaded in pdf format

The Absolete Human by Fr John Perricone

Subordinating the Sacred to the Secular by  – in the Catholic Journal for Faithful Catholics “Crisis Magazine”

In recent decades the Church has softened her public witness for the truth of the Catholic vision of things. That tendency became much stronger after the Second Vatican Council, and can even claim some support from statements such as the address of Bl. Paul VI at the Council’s close…….

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Subordinating the Sacred to the Secular

The answer is our Lady !

The Age of Mary in the new evangelization is the old evangelization of dyiing to ourselves  so that like her Christ can be reborn in us through Her

Above the altar where the Blessed Virgin appeared there was a picture of Saint Michael the Archangel striking the devil that can be admired today elsewhere in the church. It was at this same altar of the Apparition that Saint Maximilian Kolbe, killed in the infamous Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz, celebrated his first Tridentine Rite Mass on April 29, 1919.

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The Queen of counter revolution and theological Catholic militancy is our Miraculous Lady

Our Lady of the Miracle: The Happiness of Unpretentiousness, Purity, and Admiration

The Miraculous Conversion of Alphonse Ratisbonne

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