A picture posted from lasted night’s High Requiem For The Holy Souls in Purgatory offered up with a full Church at the most gorgeous Saint John Cantius in Chicago

Saint John Cantius in Chicago All Souls Mass

The Pastor of Holy Innocents Father Leonard Villa is interviewed on Paix Liturgicue on the Traditional Rite in the heart of Catholic Restoration and the “New Evangelization”

He also stated in his Homily to a full Church at last night’s Requiem Mass that the way of the supposed “new evangelization” is nothing more than the “old evangelization” of the methods the Body of Christ deploys throughout it’s salvation history


The Twin Cities celebrates the same well received High Catholic tradition

Live from Saint Paul Minnesota – Liturgical Worship and Quiet Prayer to Mozart


How Rome celebrates All Souls with a Liturgy that centers a double catafalque


For illustrations in text – art and Sacred Tradition of last Saturday’s festive Feast of Saint Raphael the Archangel – (suppressed in the new Rite in the 1960s) please see the following restoration link on Novus Motus Liturgicus


Amidst the moral relativism and secular humanism that surround us from the very air we breathe to high ranking ecclesial prelates of the Catholic Church

There is a contradistinction taking place within it and before our very eyes – A Church within the Church is emerging that is one of Restoration of Truth and authenticity

It is a breath of fresh air – an escape from the constant barrage of heterodox theology by Cardinals and Bishops – apostatizing right and left from Catholic Priests –Rebellious politicians publicly rejecting Catholic Truth and calling upon other Catholics to do same and call it Catholic Truth

This is occurring at the tail end of a mass exodus of the male population and masculine elements within the new Rite of the Catholic Church

It is a new Rite that has protestantized itself right out of itself It has stretched it’s so called ecumenism to pentocostal Catholic protestant sects – promoted the cross visitation with religions whose doctrines abhor Catholicism and instead promote contraception and abortion as acceptable. It has  created as many sects – such as the Kiko and Carmen Rite (otherwise known as the neo-catechumen way) and others that now have almost as many sects within it as some of the mainline protestant denominations do and within them have deviated so far from Traditional Catholic worship that it is virtually unidentifiable to an elderly Catholic person (and that is inside of only one to one and a half generations shocking revelation) to someone who has read in Scripture that Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever And has also read in Sacred Tradition that the Church established by Jesus Christ as the Mystical Body of Christ is also his physical Body and the two are one in the same.

How crazy is that – Ad lib liturgy is protestantism and they can ad lib and make tweaks and changes to it every week BECAUSE for protestants it IS NOT the center of all worship of the one true God

This is a call to return to Roman Catholicism – One must see that there must be a unified fight against the enemies of the Body of Christ and the re-formation of the Militia Immaculate

For those searching – there is a Church within the Catholic Church faithful to salvation history living it out and linked to one another all over the world

It is the work of the hands of the Mediatrix of All Graces – The Queen of heaven that stands forever at the foot of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ