Pope criticizes those who ‘hide behind’ the Church’s teachings in closing talk at Synod


It was revealed by many Bishops that the divorced and remarried had little to do with the real agenda They were using it to declare that everything is subjective and morally relative when it comes to sin and assessing worthiness to participate in the partaking of the Blessed Sacrament

It was always about “rights” for the newest revolution – Homosexuality


Cardinal Pell is interviewed on video responding to claims by Kasper that they accomplished opening the door to the coming of the new way


Unclear Final Document Leads to Disagreement & Division High-ranking prelates are weighing in differently on the Synod’s final document by CMTV’s Ryan Fitzgerald


 Voice Of The Family’s John Smeaton “The Pope and the Synod document are not conveying Catholic teaching”


Bergoglianism is the new Origenism (As in The Heresies of Origen of Alexandria) Apologetics comparison on One Peter Five


Evil Thomas Reese from National (I am not) Catholic Reporter Celebrates the Ambiguity of the Synod Document – As just like Vatican II – we’ll get everything we need from the Dioceses now


The Interesting Comments From SSPX On The Pope’s Proposed Next Initiative To Decentralize The Roman Catholic Church

It’s something the Society has always truly feared and has always fought against as a heretical violation of  declarations of Infallible Catholic teaching at Vatican I

It’s interesting how they accurately predicted what would happen next when you have moral relativists, secular subjectiveness, and converged masonic ideologies with protestant philosophies take the helm.

The late Archbishop of Paris France, Marcel Lefebre in his book “Against The Heresies” – (written when the Holy Ghost Fathers, the former name of the SSPX when they were still in Communion with Rome prior to the Ordination of the four traditional Catholic Bishops in 1988 ) dedicated a whole chapter to their fight on the floor of the 1st and 2nd of four sessions of the Vatican II Council –

The contingency of conservatives to which he was only one of the leaders made a formal rebuttal of Conciliarism and gave a Catholic apologetics testimonial of it’s mansonic origin and heretical philosophy


Tonight I witnessed a well respected academically honored Priest say         that “faithful Catholic Priests and Bishops are now in a precarious situation” (They cannot openly speak out and denounce this administration of the Catholic Church)

The lay people must step up and give voice to the Truth

The hour of the lay people has come

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Lighting Strikes The Top of the Vatican Spire At The Beginning Of The Synod

Vatican Is Struck By Lightning Before The Synod