“The Failed Francis Pontificate – Finding another Path for the Church: may Pope Pacelli help us!”


CMTV’s Michael Voris Shocks Conservative Catholic Media As He Breaks His Internal Policy of Silence – In Respect to Never Reporting On Any Of The Numerous Negative Realities Of This Papacy

After two and a half weeks of reporting out of Rome from the alley way to the Press Office he acknowledges the failed Papacy is being discussed in Bishop Dicastries, Curial Commission(s) levels and by the Pastors of flocks and apostolates of the Faithful and Traditional Apostolates


Not the first time highly controversial Vatican intrigue has dominated the Catholic landscape along with the quarters of the traditional academic and Catholic journalism sectors and or what remains of our CWG (The Catholic Writers Guild)

The alleged murder of Pope John Paul I,  whose first drafted plan buried in the Vatican archives was to rid the Vatican Bank and it’s interrelated international banking system ties from Freemasonry and re-org the Vatican Bank got him poisoned , it is claimed, within four weeks of his Inauguration

And as found in the still popular 2007 Vatican investigative book by respected journalist David Yallop – link to Amazon book

As well as these other sites compilations of facts and data on the matter


Vatileaks for instance maintains that John the 23rd and Paul VI had already created a liberal majority whose new ecclesial climate in Rome would not withstand a return to Traditional Catholicism and sought to immediately reconvene a new Conclave -It goes on to say that it was predicted by Nostradamus that the successor to the murdered Papacy would reign for one of the longest reigns –  begin converging incompatible religions  into one religion and become a time honored icon (Saint)


If the Vatican Archives become opened in the near future not only will these things become revealed, along with well documented widespread ‘official’ opposition to Vatican II amongst many of the ascetic Religious Orders but the assassination orders of Hitler by Pope Pius the XII in the 1930s will become proven

This has of course  been claimed in the past by traditional Catholic authors associated with the Catholic elite families of the US – Italy and Brazil associated with one of the steadfast un=moveable rocks that is the Tradition Family and Property apostolate and the late great Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plinio_Corr%C3%AAa_de_Oliveira

It is now however claimed anew in excruciating detail in an investigative book just released on same subject – “Vatican Plot To Assassinate Hitler” by Mark Riebling (the writer on matters of government intelligence)

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And reported on additionally here on the Salon


The Vatican as pictured here in a current photograph “obscured by clouds”

Vatican 2015 - Obscured By Clouds