A Ghost Haunts Ireland – You Tube Video

A rabidly anti Catholic video hosted by Liam Neeson in a campaign by Amnesty International a huge culture of death organization that the international rock band U2 has partnered with and propagated for years in raising double digit millions of dollars for – now turns it’s eyes not on merely eradicating the laws prohibiting abortion in Ireland but on their real goal of eliminating Catholicism from the country

– The video shows ruined Churches and Cemeteries and Liam’s satanic voice whispering over the surreal the secret message that “the real ghost that has chained them, that Ireland needs to rid itself from, and permanently put to rest, is THE CHURCH ! (Coming Soon to a US theatre Courthouse near you)


Can Catholics Learn Today from the Continent Marriage of Joseph and Mary?


An Archbishop Proposes New Conscience Theology Based On Old Protestant Theology


The Catholic Church is under a full court press attack primary from it’s own with the Church – The question comes to bear, will we be able to rise from the ruins amidst an internal civil war in the Church that involves  everyone from high level ecclesiastics to the lowest levels at the Parish everyone is dissenting about some Catholic teaching if not multiple teachings –

It clearly all stems from the attack on the Covenant of the Sacraments teaching that : the Sacrament of Holy Communion need not be administered from a Communion Rail – The Sacrament of Penance need not be administered from a Confessional – The Canon of the Mass can change even though infallibly declared at the Council of Trent that hence forth it can never change due to the attacks upon it …The Tabernacle of the Lord need not be attached to the Altar and the Offering of the Sacrifice nor even be on the Sanctuary are of the main Altar or now even within the Sanctuary of the Church – If all these things newly proposed and illegally put into practice are true then all things of Catholic Truth are relative and that as we know as a teaching is  purely false and located at the heart of everything

 Since the 1960s The Shuttering Of The Monasteries – In Higher Speed That Centuries of post Reformation rebellion

What is at the heart of the speed is based on the new Post Conciliar Theology “An “Article/ Special” from the fall quarterly Latin Mass Journal

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The Shuttering Of Monasteries

A Great New Book On ” Turning Things Around in Our Lifetime” by John Horvat II and Norman Fulkerson* – TFP


A Great Old Book On”The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis available in print and e-book that covers the linguistic prose from amongst small “t” tradition literary tradition

CS lewis – the great divorce – can a loving god send people to hell – (perfect!)(clive, cs lewis) (christian library of the Canons of The New Jerusalem

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