For the Feast of St Theresa of Avila – A Rare Archive.  A Film of Mass in the Ancient Carmelite Rite ( 1 Hour ) Available on you tube and Novus Motus Liturgicus

Saint Theresa of Avila was a spanish mystic of the 1500s – a declared Doctor of the Church  with a theology that reaches to the depths of Catholicism

If anyone has not read any of her classics I would highly recommend acquiring a copy of Interior Castles – The Mansions and/or The Way of Perfection

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She hailed from Spain and was a logical extension (in thought, practice, and word) of the ancient Carmelite Order

The prophesies of Elijah and the continuation of the school of thought of the dessert fathers of the ancestry of the Eastern Catholic Rites that regularly observe Old Testament Saints which the western latin rite (other than Saints Anne, Elizabeth, Joachim, and John the Baptist) is bereft of were logically hers as well

Beautiful archive story on the spirituality of same found here

The theology of Saint Theresa of Avila according to the former Holy Father – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

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