Synod15: Press Briefing Oct. 6th | ZENIT – The World Seen From Rome

Father Thomas Rosica advocates for the change of recognizing all types of relationships including “polygamy”

Archbishop urges Pope Francis’s synod on the family: Consider allowing female deacons

SHOCKING IMAGE FINALLY APPEARS: Of the “transexual” Papal visit of a woman and her woman lover “fiancée” with the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church

Gay Vatican official who ‘came out’ may influence Synod in a way he didn’t expect—or want – On LifeSite

Because the populace at large believe that the Pope of the Catholic Church will eventually honor some form of acceptable unions of sodomites from within the satanic world movement to create a new 3rd sex in the world the secular press are jammed into every briefing . Unlike even previous Ecumenical Councils the entire world press corps are there New additional facilities and accommodations are being constructed for them –

And in anticipation that the Pope will advocate for liberalizing change he has been named “by the world ” as a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (Award contingent upon the results he procures for them)

Pope Francis and Eritrean priest are leading contenders for Nobel Peace Prize – On the »

Some of the Synod Fathers have propagated forth the question of does the Church have the authority to declare a first marriage, by it’s authority, “officially a failed marriage” as a precursor to a 2nd marriage

The infallible Catholic answer to these ill formed Catholic Bishops is that a Sacrament is issued by our Trinitarian God himself by the hands and words of the Priest in persona Christi and it is permanent and indelible on the soul

The Sacrament of Penance is also once in it’s forgiveness of a particular sin repeated confessions of the same sin is an abuse of the Sacrament –

Therefore both at once require repentance and conversion without reversion

A Sacramental Marriage cannot fail – No Sacrament can fail – People can fail to live the Sacrament but the Sacrament of Marriage cannot fail

If it is ruled by Bishops that the Sacrament of Marriage can fail – The faithful can make the case the Sacrament of those Bishops Ordination has failed and on and on

Be on the look out for

  1. An extension that could be filed on the closing date of the Synod – Indicating a Vatican II session has re-adjourned
  2.  The Holy Father could over rule Cannon Law’s 2/3rds majority and convert the Church government of ‘collegiality’ created under V-II to a revolutionary form of democracy and only a needed democratic majority as the form of the new Church’s government

The Tennis Court Oath 1789

The Question Is Posed On The Floor Since Church Laws Have Been Abrogated In The Post V-II World To A Protestantized Personal Conscience Decision Why Can Those Living In Mortal Sin Not Be Given The Body of Our Lord

Can The Body of Christ Now Be Given To Those In Mortal Sin