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Mainstream EWTN Question and Answer Page

Question Do you feel that we are already a Church divided…the American Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church ?

Answer There are many Modernist heretics in the Church in America. They are the ones causing all the trouble, even though ‘they’ don’t realize they are Modernists.

Detailed biographical list of high ranking Ecclesiastical Bishops and Cardinals that also hold high ranking positions in both the Lodges of Free and Accepted Freemasonry and the Vatican Bank

The Official Catholic Church Teaching Defining Modernism and Condemning Modernism can be found in the following classic Papal Encyclical despite the fact that much of what is officially condemned in the Encyclical is propagated as the current Catholic teachings by our modern Catholic Church

One of the many official Catholic teachings against Freemasonry

One of the many official Catholic teachings against Naturalism – The Syllabus of Errors  (currently buried in the Vatican archives and made more difficult to find) Was debated in a full day’s session of Vatican II as to whether is should be officially suppressed or not. – In a deadlock it was voted to be ignored – Regardless of what the Pastoral Council voted It’s still official Catholic Teaching and the Oath of loyalty to it in our Lord at the end of it is still required to be sworn to by Priests Ordained in the Traditional Rite

The Syllabus Of Errors

In happier times Pope Benedict XVI and his friend and Superior General of the FSSP Father Berg

Pope Benedict XVI and FSSP Superior General Rec. Fr. Berg